If it wasn’t for these girls . . .

My alarm clock goes off this morning at 7am and it’s time to rise and shine for day 4 of the One of A Kind Show.

I head to the glamjulz studio for 9am and there is Natasha waiting for me with a Tim Horton’s tea and a big smile!  Natasha’s been up since 6am because she’s commuting to Burlington from Niagara on the Lake.  She’s already kissed her baby and her husband goodbye to come and spend the day and evening with me at the show and sell tons of julz. She’s just the best, most dedicated sales person I’ve ever witnessed – EVER.  You know why?  She cares about people and she takes excellent care of our glamjulz customers.  She makes all of you feel like you’re number one!  Because you ARE!

Before we leave, I go inside to my desk where Dawn has left me with fresh julz to display at the show.  Dawn is just as particular as I am about making sure our pieces truly are “One of A Kind” for this show.  What you might not know  is, this means Dawn has to constantly think about hundreds of different colour combinations to create.  You should see her get in the zone, it’s quite amazing.  She goes to Google images and types in how she is feeling, things she loves, beautiful places in the world and anything else that gives her inspiration.  She connects with that combination of colours and brings it to life in the julz!

Next, I need to post my One of A Kind Diaries post for today and the hashtag is #makingit .  No problem, Maggie has already helped me take photos and write the content for these posts along with all of the other Social Media that I need to keep up with during the show.  Maggie is also assisting Dawn with production on the jewelry making so that our booth is packed with a great selection for the full 11 days!

You see?  I may have created this company, I might be the face of it, but none of that matters without a solid foundation of trust, support and dedication from this stellar team.

These three girls are my angels and I am so grateful to all of them.  They know their jobs, they understand their roles and they come to me with new ideas to keep things interesting and fresh.

We are like family.  They see when I’m happy, stressed, and everything in between but they can take it!  They are Wonder Women!

Natasha and I can’t wait to see you at the show and I have a feeling that Dawn and Maggie might just be enjoying the peace and quiet back at the studio!

Monica XO



It’s been a total pleasure knowing Dawn, Natasha and Maggie…they do amazing work! The glamjulz girlz are Wonder Women for sure!
We can’t forget their fearless leader though, her vision and leadership…the glamjulz girlz bring it all together.
Wearing my julz make me sparkle…love you girlz!

Monica Graves

Thank you so much Carolyne! We LOVED seeing you at the show!! Thanks for sharing the sparkle! <3


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