Do you love Instagram as much as I do?  I think it’s the happiest Social Media platform we have at the moment.  I love how people use it to show beautiful pictures, write inspiring posts and make the world look like it’s coated in sugar.  I go to Instagram when I want to escape, get motivated or spark some new ideas.

Instagram is also a great place to meet like-minded friends, fans and customers.

Back in the summer of 2015 I was displaying at a trade show in Toronto.  My posts on Instagram were starting to pick up momentum and I was pretty happy about that.  The night before the trade show started I received my first private message on Instagram from a company called Matty’s Fab Avenue.  They were coming to see me at the show because they had been following me for weeks on Instagram.

Matty, the founder came to my booth and his energy was infectious.  He was super excited to meet me and see my collection in person.  He was so complementary and had a ton of ideas to share on how he wanted to promote glamjulz and make my creations an important part of his on-line boutique.

I loved Matty instantly.  He was professional, understood how to promote and feature designers and he was a BIG thinker.

Since then Matty and I have become close friends.  Our first collaboration was this past summer when we hosted our very first M&M Shop, Sip and Sparkle party in downtown Toronto.

Maggie, here at glamjulz took some engaging pictures of us and we created a story on Instagram that built up to the party.  It worked like a charm and people came and shopped.

Our next event together is going to be a holiday shopping party on December 8th and this time we hired Haley Wheeler to take professional pictures of us.  You’re going to LOVE this story! Our first post was last Friday.

Collaboration is such an important part of business these days.  As you know I love to collaborate with other entrepreneurs.  Matty knows the art of collaboration and he does it with style and purpose.

When I work with Matty I get a kick out of the way he sees me in a new light and expresses how he feels every time we work together.  Words spew out of his mouth a mile a minute like, you’re so fabulous, you are electric, you have a magnetism and you are super powerful, you can do ANYTHING!!!

I love Matty’s feedback and I’ll take it.  Living the life of an entrepreneur has its ups and downs.  99% of us get into business for ourselves because we want to make a difference in the world.  There are some days when you work so hard and you have no idea if anyone is paying attention.

Believe me, they are.  It’s okay to have down days and part of the work is to surround yourself with people who believe in you and encourage you to keep going.

Matty, thank you so much for your friendship, your respect for my business and for sharing your hopes and dreams with me.

We are TOTALLY going places together and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Please follow @mattysfabavenue on all of his social media platforms, he creates really great Instagram stories.  His website is a shopping Mecca for any fashionista!

Speaking of fashionistas, we can’t wait to see YOU on December 8th.

Monica XO



Aw! I am going to cry. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog and the kind words about Matty’s Fab Avenue. Monica you are truly amazing, fabulous and inspiration to us all. You and the glamjulz team are so wonderful and your collections of sparkly jewelry are stunning pieces of art. Our friendship has grown so much over the years and there are many more years to come. I am always super excited! When we plan and collaborate together. Looking forward to December 8th for our Holiday shopping party. Cheers to our amazing friendship that keeps on growing and many more collaborations to come!
Matty from Matty’s Fab Avenue

Monica Graves

Matty!!! You’re adorable! So true! We have so much to look forward to!! I’m super excited as well!!
Monica XO

Haley Wheeler

Very well written Monica! Being an entrepreneur definitely has it’s ups and downs. However, you two both reminded me how rewarding it is 🙂 It was a pleasure capturing the wonderful friendship you two share.

Monica Graves

Haley!!! You are truly amazing! I hope you get a ton of biz from our photoshoot! You are such a talent!! I’m so happy to know you! XO


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