Julz Julz and more Julz!!!!

With 14 days to go until the One of A Kind show and about 44 days till Christmas we are working away like little elves at the studio!

This is such a great time of year.  I LOVE the build up to the shows and the positive response I receive from all of you truly is addictive!  All of your visits, emails, facebook comments and tweets!  How could I ever have a day that  I didn’t feel like a rockstar?

I am so pumped to see you all over Christmas and show you our latest and greatest beads and we will have some NEW designs at the One of A Kind show that I know you will LOVE!

Thank you for all of it….thank you for everything….thank you for always coming back for more…..none of this would be possible without you….as I always say, we have the BEST customers…supporting Canadian designers and small business is something that very special people like you make an effort to do….thanks for allowing us to thrive!

Stay glamtastic! xoxo


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