Kate Fraser’s Story

Kate Fraser, a Mom and longtime Disney on Ice figure skater was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 37.

Kate accepted her cancer diagnosis and teamed up with her friend Christa Wilkin, also a Mom living with cancer.  Together they call themselves the Cancer Mommies.  These two friends empower women suffering with cancer through their You Tube Channel, “What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting Cancer”. They are Pink Pearl Ambassadors and have also been contributors at ReThinkBreastCancer.com

Kate’s cancer is metastatic, it has gone from breast to bone and now liver to brain.  She is married with three children under the age of 10.

We want to help Kate and her family in any way that we can, through the sales of our Three Little Wishes Earrings, an on-going project that we started at glamjulz nine years ago.  We take the proceeds from the sales of these earrings and provide support to alleviate the financial burdens of this horrible disease.

Kate and Christa were recently featured in the Burlington Post and on City News where they shared their lifelong dream to be guests on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  They both look to Ellen as a role model and feel that being on her show would give them a voice to help women all over the world who are navigating through living a fulfilling life with a cancer diagnosis.

Thank you for your love and support to help Kate and her family.

Sharing is caring so please spread the word.  With your kindness we can help make this family’s Christmas a better one.

Monica XO

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Catherine van der Oye

What a wonderful story! It really is what you do with what you have that makes a big difference. It’s the power to change perspective and to share that shift to ease the pain of others. That’s making the world a better place to be.

Mary Pacenza

Came by your booth tonight with my sister and friend…. we all bought these beautiful earrings❤️Touching story and your work is beautiful


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