Keeping Organized

What is it about being dis-organized that makes us all so frantic?  Some people seem to manage with piles on their desks, garages and basements packed with miscellaneous items but most of us simply can’t handle it.

Sometimes I think it’s my all or nothing personality that makes it challenging for me to compartmentalize different projects that I am working on.  For example, if I have a pile of receipts on my desk that I have not yet organized for my book keeper I find it diffucult to be creative and design a new piece of jewelry for my latest collection.  Being dis-organized can also affect me personally.  I’ll decline invitations to go out and spend time with friends because I have no idea how I can possibly do that AND get all my work done.

Any of your feel the same?  I think this is a classic case of  just being plain old overwhelmed! Paying attention to the details is very important but it is the big leaps and jumps that truly make a difference!  It will take me 1 hour to organize my receipts and 1 hour to design a new necklace that’s just been an image floating around in my head.  Which will get me further ahead in the long run?  The necklace of course!  I am trying to make a conscious effort to be aware of these differences.  Kinda follows the old expression, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  It really is the truth.

My TO DO folder is my most favourite thing on my desk because it allows me to tuck away what can wait till later.  Also, I have decided that time with friends is a HUGE stress relief and being more adventurous and saying “yes” to invitations has in fact made me a more organized person.

Files, post it notes, folders, shelves, boxes…..whatever it takes, go out there and splurge on these necessities!  Then sigh a huge sigh of relief as you jump ahead leaps and bounds and still have time for FUN in your life!

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