Learning Something New!

Not to get into all the details but about a month ago I met with my Insurance lady and decided to get coverage…..you know just in case stuff happened…..but I’m healthy, fit, feel great….chances are slim to none that anything would happen…especially not deliberately because I’ve always seen myself as more on the side of scaredy cat vs.  dare devil.

I’m not sure what changed in me….is it being over 40?….is it getting insurance and knowing that everyone will be okay if??…..you know!  No idea what brought out the girl that wanted to take a risk but it happened!  I learned how to ride a dirtbike!  Good friends of ours are motorcycle instructors and came up to the cottage…..I knew Wayne was gonna try it, but me? Really?

I was not dared to try, I was not pressured to try….I just listened, I learned and I loved it….even the major wipe out that I took!  I LOVED it all and especially enjoyed showing off my bruise with my short skirts selling jewelry the following week!

Taking risks in my business is something I do everyday!  Sometimes with my eyes closed, sometimes strategically and sometimes with apprehension!

This little lesson on the bike taught me something new, falling down is okay……it’s all about getting back up and making that ride count!  That’s what we are all here for anyway!  No one knows how to do it right, no one has the same perspective as the next guy….all we can do is try and try again….enjoy every minute of it whether we get it right or not!

Now, I’m gonna go pop a wheelie!





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