Let’s Party!

Thanks to everyone that attended our Grand Opening Christmas Party!  The evening was a huge hit!  Here’s how great the place looked before the guests arrived!  Please remember to join our mailing list to get an invitation for next year’s bash!  Here are some SPECIAL thank you’s that we sent out to the people that helped make the party a huge success!

Fig and Olive Larder

What a GREAT night!!! Thank you sooooooo much for those beautiful platters!!!

We were totally in awe, everything was so delicious! Everyone LOVED the food!

You ROCK girl!!!
Monica xo.

a little affair

Your cupcakes were a HUGE hit at the glamjulz Grand Opening!

We really appreciate all the work you put into them!

The pink and blue icing was such a nice touch.

Thanks for helping to make our event special!

Monica xo

Christy’s Gourmet Gifts


Thank you so much for the delicious sweets!

Our Grand Opening was a big success and we were so happy to be able
to feature your amazing CRUNCH!

All the guests loved it!

Monica xo

Tracy’s Wine Jelly


Thank you so much for the beautiful wine jellies that you gave us for our Grand Opening!

The guests LOVED all of the flavours!  The Cranberry-Rasberry Merlot Jelly was so popular!

We really appreciate that you were a part of our special night!

Monica xo


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