Life Goes On

I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself.  I stick to my processes and make sure that the goals I set for myself and glamjulz get completed no matter what I have to do. When life takes over and I can’t go along with my original plans, let’s just say I get a little twitchy.

Last month I had to cancel my Spring Launch Party because I was run down and could feel a cold from hell coming on. With the One of A Kind Show starting the next week I could not take the risk of getting sick.  Next, I had to rest,, which put me behind in jewelry making so I had to take two weeks off from writing my blog to finish making julz for the show.  Loading in to the One of A Kind Show was crazy this year, we waited for 5 hours to get into the building to set up our booth. It made for a very long day.  Last Tuesday I had to cancel Treat Yourself Tuesday because my poor Mom had  really bad back pain and needed a visit to the doctor’s.  I also had a very good friend and customer coming to see my studio for the first time, she was in town from North Carolina, had to cancel that too! Uggghhh…can you say frustrated?  Ha ha!  So, not sure if you’re into this stuff but just knowing that Mercury was in Retrograde during this period of time gave me some comfort.

Still, all of these events combined made me feel like I had let people down and failed in some way. 

Deep down I still knew that prioritizing my health, my time, and taking care of my sweet Mom was absolutely the right thing to do.  If I questioned it at all I just needed to open up my email and my direct messages over the last few weeks.

I received so many notes filled with compassion and encouragement from all of you.

One of my favourite messages said, “Feel better! I love it when women know to take care of themselves.”

I am so grateful for all of you.  Just the fact that you take the time to reach out and see how I’m doing reminds me again of how glamjulz attracts caring and understanding women who empower others.  With your kindness, you have reminded me that it’s okay to take care of myself first.  Just because some things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to does not mean that I have failed.

Remember, if you feel overwhelmed or like me you are falling behind you really aren’t.  The road of life is just taking a different turn and it will most likely lead you to something magical.   Stay open and accept what is, life will continue to go on so enjoy the ride.

Monica XO

My Mom is doing much better now.  She’s started seeing an Osteopath which is making a world of difference.  She’ll be back to her fit and fabulous self in no time!

Oh yeah, – and Mercury is officially out of Retrograde!  Pheeew!



Lovely blog! I can well understand how overwhelming it can be when everything is seemingly thrown at you at once!! Hope you had a great show. Glad to know your mom on a healing path! Life is too precious enjoy the moments. Hugs

Monica Graves

Thanks Alex! So great to see you at the show! Your new Ten Strand looked amazing on you xo


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