Magical Thinking

I’m sitting here on my couch right now.  It’s gloomy outside and that wind is really picking up.  Boink is all snuggled up beside me and I barely made it out of my PJ’s today.

We sure have been hit hard with winter this year,  haven’t we?  I always find that the most frustrating part is making plans and having to reschedule or even worse, cancel in the last minute because of the weather.  Let’s face it, you have to be an incredibly positive person to stay happy when the weather keeps beating you down.

This week is the last week for me to finalize my 2019 spring collection!  I have samples to make, a photo shoot to prepare for, a launch party to throw and lots and lots of stories to write about my collection.  This is why I cannot afford to let the challenges of January and February mess with my mind!

Have you heard of “Magical Thinking?  Are you as intrigued by the term as I am?  I’ve heard it used a couple of times by people like Conan O’Brien, Steven Colbert and there’s even a book titled “The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion. They all have their own definitions of what the term means to them and it’s really quite fascinating.

If you look up the definition on Google it reads,

“Magical thinking is the belief that one’s own thoughts, wishes, or desires can influence the external world. It is common in very young children. A four-year-old child, for example, might believe that after wishing for a pony, one will magically appear.”

I love this definition and when I think of how it applies to me, it reminds me that no matter what my external circumstances are , I need to escape and tap into that magical part of my mind where there is colour, light, sunshine warming up my face, the fragrance of flowers, the sound of ocean waves, children laughing, the feeling of the wind in my hair as I ride my bike for miles , sand between my toes as I admire my glittery pink pedicure and Rupert Holmes singing to me about Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

This is where I like to visit on a day like this, this is where the magic resides and you can be absolutely positive that when the invite to my Spring Launch Party lands in your inbox, you are going to RSVP for a magical evening filled with julz in colour combinations that will take you away from reality and perhaps encapsulate the magical thinking that you have been doing yourself.

That pony you’ve been wishing for?  It’s coming!

Monica XO

Speaking of things that are magical. I’m having an on-line bin sale right now for the first time ever. These fun pieces are items I have created while letting my imagination run wild. Click HERE to enter my little shop of what’s hiding in my bins! XO



My dearest Moni!
I was wishing to visit you over ten years now – AND – I’m comming in MAYAYAY!! 🙂 (= do I sound over excited!?). Okay my magic wishs need a little more time, but at least it worked….and the pony comes afterwards. 😉
Love, Marion


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