As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of visiting Ottawa last weekend.

Magpie Jewellery graciously extended me an invitation for a “Meet the Designer” event, and what a fantastic time I had. The store owners decided that it would be best to feature me in each of their three store locations, so Friday night I was at their Rideau Centre location, Saturday was the Westboro location and Sunday was spent in the Glebe. I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful staff that help support glamjulz and make it a success in all of the Magpie Jewellery Boutiques.

If you are ever visiting Ottawa you have to check out these beautiful stores. The staff is friendly, the jewelry featured in all locations is top of the line, and as a designer coming to show my work… They made me feel like a rockstar all weekend!

I’ll be back for sure in the early fall!

Can’t wait to do it all again!

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