Maybe Mother Nature Really Does Know Best

My friends and family always say to me, “Don’t be so hard on yourself, you have no control over this.”

The truth is I am hard on myself.  I blame myself if a show has a low turnout, if a sale isn’t a huge success, if a new design does not appeal to everyone.  Yup it’s a self-deprecating terrible habit.  It’s also the way I get trapped into thinking small.  Thinking big is taking that information and trying again!  I AM getting better at this!

Last weekend Boink and I enjoyed a few walks through the treacherous ice storm.  As much as I wished the sun was shining and I was already in my flip flops I realized that I had no control.

I watched Boink as she hopped through the snow and bit into it like it was her favourite treat.  She had energy so plentiful and joyous that I couldn’t help but embrace the weather too!  We were greeted by plump nosy Robins on our path and saw doves bathing in the puddles surrounded by slush on the roads.  A bunny hopped past us and somewhere along the way we could smell that a skunk had been threatened in the vicinity of our path.

What I realized as I enjoyed my walk with my special girl was that all of these beautiful creatures, Boink, the robin, the dove, the rabbit and the skunk believed in Spring and could feel it’s beautiful energy despite what the weather was doing, they all had faith in Mother Nature and her greater plan.  By the end of the walk, I felt it too.

I guess as Canadians it is in our DNA to complain about the weather because it is so unpredictable but I have to say that last weekend felt like a little piece of magic.

I hope you felt it too!

Monica XO

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She does have a bigger plan! All that wind blew of the weak branches to make room for the new ones, all that ice and wind made us uncomfortable so we can deal with what we need to deal with emotionally…ok that was the new moon but it’s all connected and April showers bring May flowers….Mother Nature is no fool…..


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