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This past week was one full of emotion and mixed feelings as our neighbours across the border and we watched one of the most controversial elections of our time unfold.

As Canadians many of us feel heartbroken and fearful for what is to come in the days and years ahead.  We also feel even more love and pride for the country that we live in.

I have always loved North America for its multiculturalism.  Unless you are Native Canadian or American your family immigrated here from somewhere.  Our cultural differences are what has made this continent so diverse and rich.

Growing up in Oakville, Ontario in the 70’s and 80’s there were not a lot of cultural differences between our family and our friends next door.  Because of this, my parents made sure that we were informed.  Every year we went to “Caravan” in Toronto where we visited different pavilions and experienced food, theatre, dance and traditions of other countries.

My Mom and Dad also took us for many trips to the United States.  We always enjoyed the hospitality there and made many friends over the years.  I can’t imagine not crossing the border to see these wonderful people for the next four years because I’m too scared.

I was not raised to feel hatred towards people who were different than my family.  I was raised by parents who that had traveled the world before having us.  They always had an understanding and interest in other cultures.  I was also raised to have acceptance for those of a sexual orientation that was different to mine.

I did not see colour growing up and love was love.

In keeping with this theme I have decided to feature my multi colour combination.

I adore how harmoniously all of these colours can sparkle together.

I was inspired to create this combination when I reflected on my back packing trip through Europe in the early 90’s. While my best friend and I were in Spain and Portugal we decided that we had to get ourselves over to Morocco because we were so close. I was instantly taken by the beautiful mosaic tiling, the pottery and the gorgeous rugs. Their prints were exquisite.

As I worked on this very special combination of colours for glamjulz I also realized that there were many other influences coming in to play. Lite Brite kind of takes the stage in this colour combination as well… we all loved Lite Brite didn’t we?  I recently discovered the glass art of Dale Chihuly and went to see his exhibit at the ROM. You have to go!  The combination of colours that he uses in his glass sculpture is beyond magnificent.

Prints, jewelry, architecture, paintings, sculpture are just a few of the art forms that make our world beautiful.

We North Americans should be proud that we have access to the beauty of all countries right here on our own soil.

Monica XO



Ahhhh I loved my lite Brite !! I love reading your blogs because the emotions you evoke are real and I wind up thinking about so many memories… some good and some that are sad. Just like your multi collection our lives are full of so many textures and colours … these are what make us so special! XO


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