My Bike + A Storm = Pure Joy!

Last weekend one of my girlfriends called me up.  She said it was time for a physically distanced visit at her place.  I agreed, I couldn’t wait to sit in her garden, sip a glass of wine and talk face to face, IRL as the kids are saying today!

I texted her that I would ride my bike over for the occasion!  She advised me to take my time because of the sweltering heat.  I was okay with the heat, plus – any excuse to ride my bike, I’ll take it.  I love my bike so much, the best thing I ever learned to do, besides swimming, is ride a bike!  We even have film footage of my Dad racing down the street behind my brother and I in the 70’s.  My brother and I are adorable, of course, but seeing the joy on my Dad’s face was the best!  When I was a kid my bike gave me my confidence, it was a way for me to meet up with my friends, explore new places, not to mention burn off energy and stay in great shape.  Those feelings I had as a kid where I found my freedom came flooding back to me.  It’s 100% amazing and magical and I think that little kid energy is what I see in my Dad’s face when I watch the old footage.

So, back to my night out!  I had a 40 minute ride ahead of me so Wayne checked the bike over and made sure the tires had plenty of air and that the brakes were working properly.  I got my bike bag ready with all the essentials, a sweater if I needed it, a bathing suit (never leave home without one), a corkscrew and a bottle of Rosé.  I definitely hadn’t missed any essentials, or so I thought . . .

I wanted my girlfriend to feel joy when she saw me after all these months so I put on hot pink capris and a lovely psychedelic top!  My bike is, of course, accessorized with sparkly silver, pink and blue streamers off the handle bars!  I knew she would LOVE the visual.

So, off I went.  Approximately 25 minutes later I noticed that the sky was changing colour, and FAST!  It went from sunny to, well, almost black!  The wind picked up, there was lightning and rain pouring down, fast and furious!  Buckets and buckets of rain!  The wind became so strong that I could no longer stay on the bike.  I had to walk it.  I felt quite scared for about five minutes.  Should I turn back?  Should I call Wayne to pick me up?  Would I get nailed with a tree branch or a ball of hail?

Then that young brave girl inside came out!  She said, “Hell NO!  Let’s enjoy this weather!”  I laughed until I cried.  I felt the energy of Mother Nature and in that moment I knew I was safe.  I was reminded how much I love spending time with myself and that type of adventure is what makes me happiest!  I felt grateful and overwhelmed with joy!

I walked my bike for a good half hour and then the storm calmed, as I rode uphill to my girlfriend’s house a sweet little girl, about 8 years old, came running out of her house, “Mom! Dad!  Look at the lady on her bike!”  She and her parents cheered me on as I kept pedaling, it was wonderful, here I was so in touch with my little girl and there was this young girl cheering me on.  I felt truly connected to something magnificent.

My girlfriend was worried when I arrived, she had sent her husband out to look for me and had a change of clothes waiting (I never thought to pack a change of clothes)!  We laughed so hard.

I called Wayne to let him know I’d arrived safely and he simply said, “Of course you did!”

Life is good, find the joy!  It’s everywhere!

Monica XO

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Monica Graves

Barb!!! So happy you enjoyed it!! That little girl’s face was so adorable! Wish I could have snapped a pic of her! XOXO


Loved this story! You truly are an inspiration to really enjoy life and what it gives you! You are an amazing woman my dear! Please give Wayne my best!


Liebe Moni, Du bist die BESTE! Was für eine wunderschöne und inspirierende Geschichte…und Wayne kennt Dich schon eine Weile was!? ;-)))
Ganz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland und pass auf Dich auf!
Deine Marion

Monica Graves

Oh Schatzi! I love this. When I finally come visit you we will ride bikes for hours! Miss you like crazy!

Marcie Gallagher

Monica, you have inspired me! That’s it! The bike is coming down, getting tuned, and off I must go for a spin in hilly Port Hope! Loved your story! Xoxo

Monica Graves

You go for it lady! By the way, my dear friend in the story happens to be mutual! It was TQ!


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