My Bright Friend Nancy!


Don’t you love it when you meet someone new and it feels like they’ve been a friend all of your life?

You might call them a kindred spirit, a friend from a past life, a sister from a different mother.  Whatever you call them, don’t you just LOVE it when this happens?

I’ve got a special one to share, my dear friend Nancy McMillan, chair of the Bright Run right here in our community.

I met Nancy way back when I first designed my Hummingbird Bracelets in support of the Juravinski Cancer Centre.  I was selling them at Joelle’s in Burlington one Saturday and Nancy came down to meet me and buy LOTS and LOTS of bracelets.

We connected instantly with laughter and our friendship has continued to grow and flourish ever since.

Nancy was there for me when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, she met me and my family at Juravinski and spent the entire day with us.  She made a terrifying day at the hospital whiz by.  She distracted us and my Dad from overwhelming anxiety and stress and made us laugh and joke and find the humour.  She helped us cope not only that day but also for days to come.

After my Dad passed away Nancy invited my Mom and I to come and spend time with her and her husband in Florida where we reminisced and talked about life and solved all of the world’s problems, of course.

During that first year after my Dad died, Nancy was a big support to me and my confidence as a business woman.  My grief was so intense that I wasn’t sure how I could look forward, find inspiration, or strength.  Nancy believed in me, called me, emailed me, met with me and kept reminding me of how far I had come and how much my Dad would want me to continue.  Nancy helped me find hope again.

Nancy does a lot of great things for people and she truly cares.  She has helped raise over $2 million dollars for the Juravinksi Cancer Centre over the last 7 years through the Bright Run!

It is important for me to talk about Nancy this week because her amazing and wonderful Bright Run is coming up next Saturday September 10th.  I would LOVE for you to join us that day and walk 5K with Team glamjulz!  Here is the LINK to join our team.

Come and get your sparkle on and help make a difference!  I’ll promise to introduce you to Nancy.  I’m pretty positive she’ll show you the bright side of life too!


Nancy McMillan

Oh my goodness Monica! I am so very honored and humbled by your kind words. We have so much in common- my dresser looks like a glamjulz showroom, both of us have been inspired by very strong Dads and yes, we both sparkle because we do what we love. Hugs my friend. See you Saturday!

Barbara Crowder

Oh Moni~what moving & inspiring words you shared about your dear friend Nancy & how much she helped you & your family when your Dad was dying. Thanks for your poignant words. It brings all that time to life & I send all my love to you & your special family.
Hugs, Barbara

Monica Graves

Thank you Barbara. I still remember our special conversation on the phone driving back from the hospital one of the many nights. You told me to feel all of my friends behind me. I am so grateful for all of the love and support I had then and still have now. Thank you for always keeping us in your thoughts. We love you Barbara XO


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