My Sweet Escape at By the Lake Books

Our bookmark sales in support of Halton Food for Thought are really picking up.  I have a HUGE goal to sell 1,000 so that we can feed 5,000 kids this year!

I was over the moon happy when I received a call from Anna, owner of By the Lake Books in Burlington.  She loved our initiative to help feed kids and ordered 24 of our bookmarks to carry in her store!  Yeeee Haaa!!!

Anna and I knew of each other back in high school.  Although we went to different schools and hung out in different crowds we connected on Facebook and it’s like we were always friends.  Anna and I have no problem reminiscing about what it was like to grow up in the 80s and chat about music, high school dances, some wild parties and other fun Gen X stuff!

Maggie and I delivered Anna’s bookmarks to her on Friday and we shot a fun little VIDEO of us exploring the narrow aisles and shelves full of books in her store!  We could have easily spent the entire day there.

Anna took us through the different sections and we were impressed at how knowledgeable she was.  She told us so much about art, literature and history.  Anna explained that the passion she has for running her book store can pretty much be summed up by the quote that George RR Martin wrote in his book, A Dance with Dragons.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Anna made some really good points about how important it is to read books!  Nothing makes her happier than when young kids come into her bookstore before they hit the variety store next door.  She feels super fulfilled and proud  when kids get excited about her books and about reading in general.  She says often those books get sold to kids for pocket change because she believes they benefit immensely when they have less screen time and more time with their nose in a book.
Escaping in By the Lake Books on Friday took me right back to my childhood!  For goodness sakes, the girl even has Archie Comics!

I honestly wanted to walk out of her store with, Are You there God It’s Me Margaret?, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Charlotte’s Webb and a pile of Nancy Drew Mysteries.

Wait a second, why didn’t I?

Okay, next time I take a day off I am riding my bike over there, grabbing all my favourite childhood books and then I will spend the day, lying on a blanket by the water with an orange Slurpee and a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips!

Maybe I could be Anna’s 48 year old poster child!  Ha ha!

Monica XO

As a creative person, math was never my strongest subject!  But . . . I do know THIS!  If every glamjulz fan ordered just one bookmark we could feed 5000 kids this year!

Please consider helping us make a HUGE difference this year!  Click HERE for all the info! XO



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