Neutral – Inspired by Glenn Frey

“I like the way your sparkling earrings lay, Against your skin, it’s so brown”

These lyrics make me melt every time I hear them.

The neutral colour combination is inspired by so many beautiful elements of earth.  Sand dunes, shells, a pink sunset and the crest of a wave that all surfers dream of catching.

I dedicate this colour combination and the “peaceful easy feeling” that it gives to Glenn Frey, founder of the Eagles.

Glenn Frey had a magically soothing voice.  His melodies became a soundtrack for many people’s lives. That southern California mellowness became relatable through these songs, even if we had never visited.

My Eagles soundtrack takes me north to my cottage on a hot long weekend.  Sitting in my Muskoka chair, on the back porch with a beer and listening to the sounds of nature.  The tall grass blowing in the warm breeze and the chirping sounds of sweet little Phoebes, singing their own names over and over again.

I can just picture ending the day with a blazing bonfire and Glenn Frey strumming his guitar “with a million stars all around”.

Thank you for your music, Glenn, and thank you for the Eagles.  I’ll be thinking of you when I wear these julz with my faded old blue jeans, a soft white T-shirt and my sunglasses positioned perfectly on my head, easily my most favourite Rock and Roll fashion statement, originated by you.

Monica XO

What Eagles song would you say is part of your life’s soundtrack? Please share your memories here on the blog, hearing from you is my favourite part.




Love the images you have shared with us. Although I’m not a huge Eagles fan I do love a nice comfy pair of jeans and just being natural on a Sunday afternoon. Can’t wait to make this collection mine. Xo

Monica Graves

Natasha! Spend a weekend with me and I’ll turn you into an Eagles fan! Ha ha! Can’t wait to see these julz on you! XO

Lisa Olson

OOOhhhh…lots of Eagles faves but top 3 probably “Take it Easy”, “Seven Bridges Road” & “Those Shoes” – all for very different moods <3 Can't wait to see the new combos!


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