New friends in Florida

Two weeks away in the Sunshine State!… OK… Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me… it’s a magical place. (No, not just Disney World… All of Florida!)

I’ve always loved Florida. It was our annual family holiday destination for most of the late 70’s and early 80’s. (Memories of Miami Vice 1984 anyone?) I have the fondest memories of swimming in the ocean with my brother, our Oma giving us change for Orange Crush and Mountain Dew from the hotel pop machines, Flamingos and Pelicans. When I was growing up, my Mom and Dad both worked really hard and I loved to see them both happy and relaxed when we all escaped to Florida for those much needed March Breaks.

Now that my folks have retired, this is the place that they choose to retreat to every year, and I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some time with them in the Keys by combining my “escapes” with my business trips!

Traveling for me has always been an important part of my life, I think we grow and change when step put of our day to day lives and learn things about ourselves that we don’t always see when we are in our usual routine. Now that I travel for business, I am also learning more about others as well as myself. During my trip I met some truly selfless people willing to help and connect me with opportunities, to allow me to become more successful. They had a genuine excitement for what I was trying to achieve.

glamjulz now has over 10 stores in Florida carrying our sparkly goodies! The ladies LOVE our julz, and all say that the colours remind them of the ocean, the sand, the flowers and the palm trees (and Flamingos). The picture montage above highlights a beachside Tikki Hut jewelry party hosted by Rachel, the owner of the White Sands Inn in Marathon. Rachel invited friends, clients and local business women from the area and a portion of the total sales were donated to the Dolphin Center.

The Floridians have become a new network of amazing business people for me and I am so thankful and appreciative to all of them for the way they welcomed me and expressed a heartfelt enthusiasm for glamjulz.

My head is still hovering in the clouds, having just returned from this wonderful place (that has flamingos). I just hope I can do as much good for others as these people did for me.



Hi Anne,

None near Disney…not YET anyway! If you know of one that you think would LOVE glamjulz please let me know! 🙂


Hi Monika,
Great pic and love your blog. I am so jealous! I wish I could get away too. I’m just slugging it back here in Oakville doing tax returns!
After tax season, let’s catch up…


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