Of Course I’m Afraid Of Change . . .

Are you fearful of change?  If you are not then please, share your secret!

Most of us are afraid of change, we fear that we might fail, we fear the way others will look at us.  Believe it or not usually the biggest fear is that we will succeed.  What an oxymoron that one is.  Or is it?

Whether you’re a Voltaire enthusiast or a Spider Man fan, you’ve heard the quote, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Responsibilities can often feel overwhelming.  Especially because when we work so hard to get the “thing”, we often don’t know what responsibilities we will take on as a result of that accomplishment.

glamjulz has always been about change.  We change our colours, we change our styles, we collaborate with other artists and we empower women to work with us and change their communities through fundraising and special events.

Personally, I fear change but I do like to shake things up and push myself to embrace it. I trust that change is a good idea because I have been through so much of it.  From the time I was 12 years old I had my own babysitting biz with five families as my top clients, I was taking care of kids most evenings, weekends and throughout my summer holidays.  In 1984 at the tender age of 15, I started my own hand painted T-Shirt business and sold my T’s in the high school gift shop, at the CNE, at Records on Wheels in Oakville, at Dancing Days in Kensington Market and to my friends and private clients.  At 19  I dove into the corporate world and worked at Canada Post in customer service and eventually in sales where I stayed for 18 years and built glamjulz on the side, using my holiday time and weekends to show my julz at every craft show in Ontario.

Change is a great thing, believe me.  We can all look back and say, “If I only knew then what I know now.” But guess what?  We didn’t and we don’t.

Be proud of all the changes you have made in your life.  Whether it turned out to be good or bad,  it’s okay.  Mark my words, the changes you made got you to where you are today and you should be proud of that.

I think it would be so much worse to sit around in fear and let life just happen to you.

When you can muster up the strength to make changes then you are brave.  You are a warrior, a survivor and a true goddess.

As my dear friend Rosemary always says to me when I’m fearful of change, “Stand tall, feet firmly planted on the ground, big breath in, hands to the sky and then bring them down to your hips and breath out, feel the power of your WW sisters behind you, we are powerful, we can do anything and we love you.”

Isn’t that great?  Is there a change you would like to make in your life and you’re hesitant to make the first move?  It’s okay, find your way to make it happen and please know that I am your proud WW sister, standing right behind you!

Monica XO

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Was für ein wunderschöner, Mut machender Artikel. Richtig schön wieviel Kraft Deine Worte haben!

Ich gehe heute zum ersten Mal 2019 arbeiten und freue mich jetzt viel mehr darauf.

Bussi – Du bist die beste!!

kimberley brasil

I love you ❣️ So excited I can’t wait to see your 2019 goals come to fruition ❣️


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