On the Road Again!

This month has been FABULOUS !!  The heat is magnificent!!! Thank goodness we finally got some!  C’mon for those of you that are complaining you’ll be kicking yourself in January!! Embrace it!!!

I just thought I would share with you the view from my office……when I am on the road my office is my Honda Element.  Solid and reliable and tons of room to always have my bike with me if I am so inclined to take a ride!

I’ve been cruising through Ontario quite a bit to stock shelves with beautiful glamjulz for summer.  It’s so much fun on the road.  So many great adventures.  The other day it was Belleville to Picton, hopped on a Ferry to Napanee and then over to Kingston and home by 8pm.  What do I have to complain about??? NOTHING!!!

Thanks again to all of you glam girls out there!  I love what I do and I thank you for making it possible!  Hmmmmm where should I go next???? I think I hear Montreal calling my name!



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