On tour with glamjulz


So here I am on an incredible adventure with 2 of my favourite travel buddies… Mom and Maggie!

Oh yes… Maggie is a sweet little Monster from our friends at Monster Factory in Toronto. We’ve got her all glammed up and ready for our road trip to the Florida Keys. We still have quite a ways to go to get to the Keys, so there will be a few stops on our way down.

ahem… If you will turn your attention to the right side windows of the glam-mobile, our first stop will be Cleveland Ohio.

On our way to the world famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I discovered a beautiful store called Bonnie’s Goubaud. Mom decided to head to Curves for a workout and Maggie stayed in the car listening to Led Zeppelin, while I walked over to Bonnie’s and introduced myself. Bonnie, the owner, was amazing, she loves Canada and now, she loves glamjulz. Bonnie has already placed an order for the store and Dawn is already working away at the studio to get the julz to her this week!

That’s our first store in Ohio… YESSSSS!

Okay, so, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is absolutely amazing, and If you love rock stars as much as I do… GO NOW!

We had such a great time. I really enjoyed the rare photography of great bands from the 80’s like the B52’s, The Clash, The Police, Depeche Mode and Talking Heads. It was cool to see the collection of guitars, and memorabilia and legendary things like Elvis’ white sparkly jumpsuit that became his trademark in the 70’s. It looked like jump suits were a big thing in the 1970’s because we also saw the one that belonged to James Brown, which was all black with “Sex” in sparkly letters across the front. I think we can figure out who the machine was, if you know what I mean?

Maggie got a little out of control while we were there. She loooves music, (especially Led Zeppelin) and insisted that we photograph her with the Electric Guitars. She has dreams of becoming a big Rockstar one day!!

Mom said to me that it only took her 73 years to get to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and it was worth it.


Yup, Cincinnati. I bet you’re already singing the WKRP theme song in your head right now.

You are, aren’t you?

Stayed tuned to facebook as our little Monster Mascot Maggie takes you on the journey south from Ohio to the Florida Keys!

Let us know in the comments below what special places you love and maybe we’ll be driving through and can take a picture for you!


Jane O.

Well, I don’t have a favourite place (never had the opportunity to drive to Florida…yet), but had to say that Steph and I LOVE Maggie in her glamjulz!! As a proud owner of Clarence and Kyle, Steph thinks Maggie is way cool! Unfortunately, the “boys” aren’t too keen on being glammed up. Maybe mom will have to get her own Monster Factory monster as everyone in the house has at least one. 🙂
Enjoy the tour, and we’ll enjoy hearing about Maggie’s (and yours and your mom’s) adventures.
Safe travels and hope to see you at the spring show,



Isn’t it awesome there!! Loved it too! I also loved the NFL hall of fame in Canton Ohio. It was my dream come true!! I think I need to have you make me some cool glamjulz in Buffalo Bills style!!
Love you Monica safe journeys always!! Xo

Barbara Crowder

YES! I’m singing too! Just can’t help it.

Happy that you are having a good time, and so pleased about Bonnie becoming another client.

Keep having fun!

Hugs to you all,


I’m glad you girls are having fun. Yesterday the boys and I celebrated Family Day with a John Travolta Movie Marathon, in honour of his birthday!


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