One of A Kind

I remember that feeling a few years back when I used to walk the One Of a Kind show and think, one day I want to be a part of this.  This show is beautiful!

I thought you might like to take a look at the state of the Direct Energy Centre before you shopped your way through the One of a Kind Show over the last 11 days.

These amazing artisans from all over Canada are creating their own 11 day “boutiques” for you to enjoy.  Many build walls, drill holes, install shelving, paint, hang lighting, the list goes on and on.  800 artists, with their own vision but all with the same goal, to be a proud part of the most beautiful craft show in Canada!  Just think, the majority of these artists have been hand making products for months for the show and now here they are taking two full days to build their booths.

As I am now a proud member of this group I have to say setting up the booth is one of the most rewarding  jobs.  It allows me to create my world, the glamjulz world, in a 5×15 space to show off to all of you.  Making you a part of this world and feeling great when you come to my booth brings me so much joy.

I think I speak for every artist when I say that those of you that come to One of A Kind really are a special group.  We strive to make you feel good in our worlds and deliver to you a quality product that you can enjoy but the feedback that we receive from you is ten fold.

Comments like these is what makes us feel great as artists and know that we are creating beautiful products for tremendous people:

“I LOVE buying from Canadian artists, I ONLY do my Christmas Shopping at this show!”

“I can’t believe you made ALL of this by hand! WOW!”

“It’s so amazing that you are doing what you LOVE as a carreer”

“Your booth looks fantastic, I had no trouble finding you”

“I have told so many people about you, can I hand out some cards for you?”

These are just a few of the comments that I have heard as well as other artisans.  I think that’s why we all kind of float around and feel warm and fuzzy all over for the month of December.

Thank you all for your purchases, visits, votes of encouragement and loyalty to us and the One of A Kind Show.  I hope you realize how special you are.





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