One of A Kind Love XO

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the first Sunday of the One of A Kind Show.

We started on Thursday and now we have a full glorious week ahead of us!
At this point in the show I start getting super emotional.

I honestly don’t want it to end.
The vibes at the show so far have been incredible.  Everyone is thrilled to be here and our colourful pieces are what all the glamgirls are falling for! Wow do I love how happy everyone is!
Plus, we sold two of our luxurious Swarovski crystal sets! One was purchased by a woman who knows she’s worth it and another by a husband who adores his wife.  Soooo much love going around.
While I’m at the show I am always sure to take a little “me” time as well.  Walking through the aisles and looking at all the beautiful creations my fellow artisans are exhibiting is one way I do this.  The other way is to enjoy nature.  Friday I took a beautiful stroll through the sunshine and walked the grounds of Ontario Place.  A rush of memories returned from when my Oma would take us there as kids – then all of the concerts I went to see on that rotating stage in the 80s!!
Ahhh their is so much inspiration is all around me!
It’s really easy to get lost in the magic of beautiful surroundings!
Come and escape with me, won’t you? You still have seven whole days!
Monica xo
Here are all the details you need to get your sweet self to the show!  Click HERE!  Visit us at Booth D37!

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