Our angels will sparkle & shine in 2017


How can I not start with how we are all feeling about 2016?  So many talents have passed on.  The whole year has felt like our generation’s entertainers have abandoned us.

Last week @misstexas67 tweeted, “It is becoming increasingly obvious that David Bowie has established a better alternate Universe and is populating it selectively one by one”.  Yes, I suppose that could be a strange reality.

Every year over the Christmas holidays I take a day or 2 to rest and then I just can’t do it anymore.  My creativity goes into overdrive and I want to “do” something!! That “something” this Christmas was designing the glamjulz spring collection.

My Mom and I went to see the movie La La Land over the holidays and the colours and dreamy sets were so inspiring.  I felt like I was watching a modern version of Xanadu.

The next day, after seeing the movie I got my pencil crayons out and started sketching colours that got my heart pumping throughout the film.  As I was going through the process I realized that each colour story I was creating represented a different entertainment icon that had passed away in 2016.

The entertainers who were dearest to me kept showing up in the range of colours that I was influenced by for Spring 2017.  This collection feels more emotional and meaningful than any of my previous collections.  As I was creating it felt like these beautiful angels who brought us singing, dancing and acting were guiding me through my creative process.

I hope that David Bowie named his alternate Universe Xanadu or La La Land, all of our heroes deserve to be in a place where magic is real and dreams always come true.

I am very excited about launching the Spring 2017 collection .

Sharing it with you will be my joy and I hope that it brings you sweet memories of your life and what these people may have meant to you.

Let’s make 2017 extra special!

I am looking forward to learning and growing and feeling more powerful with you each day.  I want this year to be epic for all of us!

Please join me and share what you are most looking forward to. I’d love it if you would leave your comments on the blog.

Thank you for being a part of my world!  I know that this is why each year just gets better and better!

Monica XO



I truly feel that I am George Michael’s greatest fan… I was devastated by the news and I’ve been paying tribute to him all week. Listening to his music, wearing old concert shirts and chatting about him with all my dear friends. On the flip side I just celebrated my daughters first birthday. What a blessed day that was!! So I can honestly say that what I’m most looking forward to is watching her grow and part of that will be sharing with her all of the great talents that we have lost this past year… especially the musical talent of my beloved George. ❤️ 2017 is going to be “amazing” just as he would have wanted it to be! Xo

monica graves

Natasha! This is so lovely! You certainly are George’s biggest fan. I think if the two of you had been friends your positive vibes would have helped him through many of his troubles. You certainly do have the power to make those around you feel like they are number one! Speaking of number one, what a wonderful birthday to celebrate. I remember when that sweet little face was a sparkle in your eye! Can’t wait for a fun filled 2017 with you and of course George will always be playing in the background! He will always be your man! XO


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