Our Good Vibes Attract Our glamjulz Tribe!

Its a wrap on another fantastic One of A Kind Spring Show!

Once again I had my super sales girl Natasha by my side for the full 5 days! We love our time together so much that we call it our all inclusive vacation. Especially when we’re grazing through the delicious food aisles!

Natasha has boundless energy and gets excited about the people, the julz, the show and all of our Social Media posts.

This girl vibrates on such a high level and gives it her all to make sure the show is successful.

We both feed off of each other’s energy and together we create something magical.

I can honestly say the glamjulz booth attracts the nicest, smartest, most beautiful women.  We DO feel like we are on a mini holiday meeting all of you. Sharing stories, laughing and getting even more sparkly in every way is what I wish for all women who come together.

The glamjulz tribe is like no other! Even the One of A Kind show felt our great vibes at the show on Thursday night for late night shopping!  We got a re-post and all the LIKES made it clear to us that everyone would love to join our party!

A big thank you to all the glamgirls who that visited us at the show and made it stellar in every way!

Remember you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with! Choose wisely and be the person who makes someone else’s life better!

Together we ROCK!! Love you all!

Monica xo

PS I love to read your comments below.  Please share what you love most about the One of A Kind Show.



Your booth was the most excited and most gorgeous booth ever I love your booth so much and I love u

Monica Graves

Brianna!! Wonderful! Thank you so much for the great vibes and for modeling your julz at the show! XO


This time away with you is always one of the highlights of my year. I feel like we are away on vacation and never get bored. The people we meet and the friends that visit us are all truly the best anyone could ever ask for. Working along side of you has taught me that when you put all you have into something that dreams really do come true. From the moment we meet at the studio until the time I hit my pillow at night I’m truly energized because of YOU! Our friendship is truly “one of a kind” and I am already planing our next “all inclusive vacation”! Love you tons!! XO

Monica Graves

Thank you so much Natasha! What a lovely comment. You have a way with words. My sides still hurt from laughing! XO


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