Our Neighbourhood Outdoor Art Gallery!

My husband has a little sign at his desk, it says, “Do Less, Be More.”  Today we had a chat about this little sign and he made a good point.  While we are doing less it is important that we be more.

There are some artists in our neighbourhood who are doing just that.  I am guessing these artists are probably between the ages of six and twenty.

In the evening we like to go for our family walk!  Wayne, Boink and I.  We are fortunate to live in an area where there is a wide path and we can safely walk six feet apart from other people.  Along this path is a fence and as you look along the fence you see little blobs of colour on the tops and bottoms of several fence posts.

It was the first week of quarantine when we discovered these blobs and were delighted to notice that they were actually beautifully painted rocks.  Some with sayings like : “Life is tough but so are you”, “Sending you a socially distanced hug”, and “Take care of each other” and others painted in vibrant colours with unique designs.

These artists in our neighbourhood are kids who are stuck at home doing less but being more by sharing their talents with others.

I’m sure we are not the only people who look forward to our walks to see what new works of art have been added to the art gallery on our path.

If you happen to know who these young artists in the neighbourhood are please tell them what they are creating really matters.  It is proven that even when you look at art it can enhance your brain function and well-being.  It can actually raise serotonin levels which is key for our mental health.

Keep painting, keep creating and put it out there into the world!  It’s helping and we love you for it!  Can’t wait for tonight’s walk!

Monica XO

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Joan taruffi

I, along with all of your followers I’m sure, are also enjoying these beautiful painted rocks. They have certainly lifted my spirits during this quarantine. What exceptional artists!

Monica Graves

Joan! I’m so happy to hear that they are lifting your spirits too! Xo


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