Parties with a Purpose!

You glamjulz fans are all so wonderful!  Really, you buy our julz in stores, on-line, our studio parties, you come and see us at the One Of A Kind shows and now you’ve been asking for jewlery parties!  Do you have any idea how GOOD that makes me feel?????  Never in a million years did I think back in 1992 when I picked up my first bead and strung it on a piece of wire that all of your would show up in my life and ask for MORE!  I feel like a rock star on stage everyday, receiving one encore after the other.

Thanks to all of you that have been booking parties with a purpose and helping us to further our quest to give back to the community!

Here’s what you’ve all done so far!  glamjulz fans rock!

$85 to The Lincoln County Humane Society on behalf of Stephanie Jackson

$80 to The Alexander’s Public School Library on behalf of Janette Kincaid

$50 to The Preston Family via the Three Little Wishes fund on behalf of Audrey Milford

$40 to The Annex Cat Rescue on behalf of Catherine van der Oye

$40 to Cystic Fibrosis Research on behalf of Cheryl Galipeau

$60 to The ROCK (The Reach Out Centre for Kids) on behalf of Tracey Quennell

$40 to The CIBC Breast Assessment Centre on behalf of Marilyn McPhail

$100 to the Juravinski Cancer Centre on behalf of Karin Normann

$200 to the Dolphin Research Centre on behalf of Rachel Price

….and many, many more 🙂

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