Prince Edward County Adventures

Last weekend, off I went again for another glamjulz adventure.  This time I was heading east to Belleville to have a trunk show with my friends at The Dressing Room!

Usually when I go on the out of town visits, I like to book a hotel through, Hotwire.  I decided to see what the availability was in Picton because I really wanted to check out the Sandbanks there.  Alas, no luck with Hotwire but I did come across a little gem on my own, and got a great deal because the “season” has not officially began.  I drove to Picton thinking that I had booked a little cottage for the night, when I arrived it was a beautiful little beach resort, just outside of Sandbanks Provincial Park.  The view was spectacular, a gorgeous piece of paradise right here in Ontario.  The gentleman that owned the resort was so kind and accommodating, he upgraded me to a trailer that overlooked the water.  I had never stayed in a trailer before, and let me tell you I made the most of it.  Once I saw the great set up I had, I quickly dashed off to the grocery store, picked up some salad fixins’, ribs and barbeque sauce and a bottle of local vino.

Next there were many activities to enjoy before bed.  A swim in the lake, a walk along the country road, a beautiful sunset to watch over and still time to put my feet up and enjoy my lovely dinner.  I was pooped and in bed by 9:30.  The next day, the alarm was set for 6:30am, This time it was sunrise, walk, swim and a bowl of cereal with a cup of tea.  Oh yes, and I forgot my hairbrush and had to comb my hair with a fork, but that’s a story for another blog, “glam girl’s best beauty tips” LOL!

I said goodbye to my sweet little 16 hour home and zoomed off to The Dressing Room.  What a fantastic day we had.  Lots of customers, lots of julz and tons of fun!  The Dressing Room staff were super excited because the glamjulz were matching perfectly with their Joseph Ribkoff collection!  Lori, the owner of The Dressing Room, asked me to be her model for the day (I’m telling you it was my fork styled hair do!) and had me try on about 10 different outfits.  We did this really fun photo shoot of me in Ribkoff adorned in my glamjulz.  I’m sure the photos will be on The Dressing Room’s facebook page soon.

The highlight of my day was this amazing woman that came in the afternoon, specifically to meet me and get “glammed up” for her daughter’s wedding.  She was cool, full of confidence and exuded style.  She knew the look she was going for and we were able to create it.  Accessorizing this woman was like painting a perfect picture.  She wanted lots of layers and nothing too “matchy”.  She had gorgeous periwinkle blue shoes that she was wearing with a sexy black dress.  The first necklace I put on her was our Adjustable Style that had the periwinkle colour to tie in with the shoes, then I attached one of our long chain necklaces to that piece and it had a tiny bit of periwinkle mixed with every colour under the rainbow, I then topped off the look with one of our big chunky Ten Strands mixed with greens and blues and earth tones.  The cherry on top were a beautiful pair of our chunky long earrings in a sand colour.  She looked magnificent!  I was also thrilled to find out that she is a singer and will be performing at her daughter’s wedding!  I hope she emails me a picture of her spectacular outfit for our bridal page!  Funkiest “mother of the bride” ever!

My three hour drive home was perfect, put on some tunes and reflected on another great adventure.

Honestly… swimming on May 26th?

This is going to be the long hot summer we’ve all been waiting for!



Barbara Crowder

Hi Monica!

Wow! What a trip! Wish I’d been there!!! So glad your time was fabulous. Prince Edward County is just a wonderful place, and it’s just great that you were in a trailer by the lake!

As always you look so beautiful!

Hugs, Barbara


You are a STAR! Looking as stunning as your julz! Love reading about your adventure.
Love ya’ Moni

Catherine van der Oye

Seizing life! I wish I was there to enjoy the swim, etc with you! It would have been the best! Glad the County has now been Glammed! Is that a verb?

Julie Jackson

Love watching yor blogs and all your adventures Monica. Thanks for sharing. I love my white dice bead necklace and earrings. Lots of admirers. Took a friend to the Green Store and she bought some of your jewels for my sons wedding. Hugs Julie


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