Reflecting on what Matters . . .


This weekend I took some “me” time.

I wanted to reflect on my business, my goals and what makes this whole experience so magical.

My recent interactions with people have been more than just rewarding.  I’m getting feedback that I have craved, dreamed of and hoped for since I started my business over 20 years ago.

The whole reason I started this biz was to change women’s lives.  glamjulz was born from a jewelry making hobby.  It became what it is today from the simple gesture of me placing one of my creations around a woman’s neck, Next thing you know that woman looks and feels magnificent.

That little seed planted so many years ago has grown into something quite extraordinary.

Today everything we touch at glamjulz is with the intent to make women feel, important, powerful and gorgeous.

This is the reason why I love to get up in front of a room full of people and tell my story, the reason I write these blogs, how the Sunday night newsletter was born, why we raise money to help our community, why we will find any excuse to throw a party and also why Shop Local Saturdays and Treat Yourself Tuesday is a place where people can come and be a part of something special.

Last weekend I ran into a fellow artist who heard me speak two years ago.  She thanked me for giving her hope and courage.  She is now focused and on track with her business.  I have received numerous emails from people thanking me for showing them that it is possible to make your dreams come true with hard work and determination. The comments on my blogs keep coming and coming.  You guys actually look forward to Sunday nights when my newsletter hits your inbox. I’ve received awards for donating time and dollars to our community and every time we host an event people show up and give their support.

When I started my business I wanted all women to feel like they could have anything.  I wanted them to know that life could be their own fairy tale if they created what they wanted and surrounded themselves with people who lifted them up and enriched their lives.

Coming up with our tagline, “Show the World Your Sparkle” is not only something that I want to say to you.  It is also the way that you encourage me to do the same.

glamjulz is not just about the julz.  It is about a community of women who not only support us but also support each other.  Without you we would not be where we are today.  You have defined us as a company and made us stronger than we thought possible.  You have given us a voice and a purpose.

Your feedback, your perspectives, your personal stories.  Those are the gems that are most important to us and help us stay on a path that is purposeful.

You are the reason we blossom.

Monica XO

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