Release your inner Wonder Woman!

As a continuation of my last blog I wanted to report back to you on how the healthy eating and exercising is affecting my mental health.

I actually feel like a new person.  Here’s why . . .

First off, I am one of those weirdos who actually enjoys getting older!  Are you one of those too?

The reason I love it, is because I look at life as one big “practice.” The same way we might look at any practice, such as yoga, riding a bike, singing, playing a guitar, riding a horse . . . you get the picture.

We all know what happens when you practice something long enough.  It becomes a part of you, you become the master!

In this first full week of my new regime I found out something new about myself! I’m so much nicer to ME than I used to be.  I’ve given myself permission not to overdo it.  Going to the gym three times a week is enough and if I find myself hungrier on a certain day or two I will eat the extra calories I’ve burned at the gym.

My all or nothing, overachieving personality has surrendered to a gentler approach.   It’s also given me a new perspective on my self-confidence in my personal life and my business.

Carrying this gentle approach forward in other areas of my life I have noticed a shift.  I’m truly realizing that I am capable of learning and becoming a master at all the things I love.

I have some goals in my biz that I’ve been putting off because I’ve felt overwhelmed and lost.  Well I am thrilled to report that ship has sailed!  Bye! Bye!

Look out world, my goals are to master video editing, start my own YouTube channel and develop a HUGE outreach so that I can change the world!!!

Feeling energized and excited means that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life and on the happiness scale.  Creating your own happiness and seeing the good is a huge part of that!

However, if you feel sluggish, tired and overwhelmed most days, then promise me this – next week you will pick 2 things that make you feel great and keep doing it!  Maybe that’s taking a walk in the sunshine, getting lost in a book, making time for your best friend.  Whatever it is DO IT, small changes make big ones!

Remember, activity drives results so get active and make a change!  I’m right here cheering you on!

Monica XO

I’d love to hear from you.  What is something that you love to do for yourself to get you out of your funk? Remember your input matters, we are after all women helping women!


Jennifer Schanck

Yes. Yes. Yes. As women..we have a tendency to always put others first. Somehow we’ve been conditioned to believe that putting ourself first is selfish. I’m here to tell you that at 48 I’ve never felt better and that’s because I am selfish and have learned to love myself finally. I challenge you to put you first this week..and do something that makes you happy or feel better about yourself..whether it’s waking up earlier to meditate or exercise..or treating yourself to something you’ve had your eye on..just do it.❤

Gillian Fletcher

As women, it can be hard for us to embrace our lives and give ourselves the love and attention that we so deserve. It took me years to follow my dream of continuing my martial arts training. I finally did it and received my black belt at age 61! My training continues and I’m working on my next belt.
Life’s journey holds some special moments to cherish and along the way some very special people that you feel blessed to have crossed paths with. Monica and her team of beautiful ladies are spectacular!

Monica Graves

Gill! You inspire our whole team with your discipline and commitment. You are unstoppable XO

Catherine Schimmelpenninck van der Oye

I kept hearing “every changing moods” playing in my head when I read this Moni. It’s important to listen to our bodies as we mature, as we change….respect it, be kind to it and give it a good ass kicking when it needs it….but only if it feels good! After taking three months off to travel and shake things off I went back to three times a week at boot camp and while I like to push myself I am also gentle and listen to her talk so as not to over do it. It’s a balance but as we get older and wiser we must keep that fire alive, that spark, the skip in our step. That’s what makes us vital, inspired, energized and young…it’s what is inside. It’s that fire we kindle with love and gentleness that will make us roar……that and lots of super foods…and dark chocolate…..and Glamjulz….we must always wear Glamjulz……always……

Monica Graves

Oh Catherine! You had me at the Style Council reference! I cruised through Oakville with your little brother listening to that album in the 80’s. The way you inspire me is never ending! You are fearless and embrace change like no one I’ve ever known. Thank you for this spectacular comment XO

Carolynn Monaco

I’m going to keep it nice and short!

“We must become the
change we want to be.”
~Mahatma Gandhi~

Live it, love it and make sure you keep laughing all the way!

Kim McCurlie

I often get asked ‘how do you do it?’ , or ‘how do you find the time to exercise?’ The answer is simple….. I make time! I make time for ME. We schedule our kids Doctor and Dentist appointments, our hair appointments, massage, pedicures and manicures, right? Then WHY can’t we schedule 30 minutes of exercise? Daily would be ideal, but 3 or 4 times a week would be great! Get out there and move. Go for a walk, a bike ride, take a Zumba class or try a strength training/bootcamp class. There are endless possibilities. The idea is to find something that you enjoy, so that you will stick with it. Don’t make it a chore, make it a choice. Something you look forward to doing. Exercise can also help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. I’m currently working on my Active Aging Certification and it’s so important to move now and keep moving as we age, so that we can age with grace and dignity. Get active and stay active!

Monica Graves

Kim!!! You are so right! Thank you for being such an inspiration! I love following all of your posts, you help me believe in myself! XO


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