Remembering Kate Spade

I am still in disbelief over the passing of Kate Spade.

It came as such a shock.  We were eating lunch at the studio on Tuesday when Maggie said, “Oh my goodness, Kate Spade died.”  I think I said “What?” three times before it registered.

Kate Spade and her brand has been loved by all of us here at glamjulz.  I have always been drawn to her classic style.  She had this amazing design talent to bring back all of the elements of the 50’s and 60’s in a new way that was relatable to all women.  When I think of the Kate Spade brand I feel like she knew me.  She, of course, grew up with the same influences that many of us had.  For me her clothing was designed as though she had rifled through my Mom’s sewing patterns from the 1960’s with gorgeous a-lined dresses, cute short jackets and slim lined trousers in pastels and pretty little floral patterns.  The colours of Kate Spade’s purses and shoes in their cheery sherbert colours looked like they came right from the flavour selection at Baskin Robbins.  Her jewelry designs make such a statement and all of the details like the butterflies, the cherries, the pink flamingos, the daisies and the bows have always brought back memories of some of my most beloved collectables as a child.

Kate Spade was more than just a designer.  She was our friend.  She showed us a happy, sunny lifestyle that was attainable.  Walking into her stores we felt like we belonged there.  There was nothing exclusionary about the Kate Spade brand.
This week we all ask ourselves, why did she do it?  How could she have left a 13 year old daughter behind?  Why didn’t we know she was suffering?  In this great big world and with all the money she had, is there no one who could have helped?


The answers to these questions are unknown.  A few years ago I lost a best friend who also took her life.  Until I see her again on the other side I have to let these questions just be.

It is not fair for us to judge.  Anger is an emotion we have to manage when a loved one takes their life.  Of course we cannot even comprehend why they would leave us or family members behind.  Their inner darkness becomes so big that they truly believe that the world is better off without them.

What we need to do at a time like this is honour the person.  Acknowledge that they lived a life that was purposeful and celebrate them for the way they contributed while they were here.  Remember the special way they made us feel and all of the joy that they brought to our lives.

Be kind to the people in your life.  Go through life with compassion towards others.  We will never ever know what it is like to walk a mile or a lifetime in someone else’s shoes.

We have all experienced heartache and loss at some point in our lives.  No one should ever feel that they cannot be vulnerable and ask for help when they need it.  Be the friend who always supports and can be trusted with a secret.

If you are suffering yourself get help.  Ask for help.  Ask me.  Just like when you go to the doctor with a broken leg or the stomach flu, there is no shame.  Your brain needs healing too, and there is never, ever,anything wrong with taking care of that.

Monica XO
This season as we feature all of the characteristics of a woman we find that our Compassion Collection has been loved by many.  I’m so grateful for all of the compassionate women in my life, you make me stronger and give your whole heart to me.


Sandi Laing

Thank you, Monica, for such a thoughtful post. Absolutely heartbreaking to lose so many talented people who felt they had no choice. We will remember them and their gifts with love. Reach out.


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