Returning to my Roots


Okay, so who wouldn’t want to spend Canada Day weekend in beautiful Niagara On The Lake?

I decided that not only was that where I wanted to spend it but what better place to sell glamjulz surrounded by other artists looking out over the water  all weekend?

Weekend Craft Shows is how I started glamjulz and got my collections out into the world.  I remember participating in these beautiful outdoor shows every weekend all over Ontario and being so inspired by the gorgeous scenery of our picturesque province.

It was a great way for me to see what styles people liked, colours that they were drawn to and also to experience first hand how the julz made them feel.

As my business grew I could no longer participate in all of these outdoor shows on top of all the other responsibilities that come along with growing my business.

This weekend was a magical experience for me. It’s took me back to my roots and made me realize how far I have come.

It’s made me appreciate once again this amazing country that we live in.  Where all people have an opportunity to put their true and best selves out into the world and make a successful business of it if they want to.

Canada is a country where people have the freedom to create, learn, grow and change.  There are no limitations here and we must all remember that.

If you ever feel like you’re in a slump or discouraged with the direction that things are going remember why you live in Canada.

Reach out to your fellow community, seek support and ask for help.  There is kindness all around us. Together we can all make a difference and change our own lives if we choose to.

Our land is glorious and free and full of opportunity.

As Pierre Elliot Trudeau once said, “Luck, – that’s where preparation and opportunity meet.”

Monica xo



Marc Zahradnik

Really enjoyed reading this Monica. Love the Trudeau quote. As always, super proud of you and your achievements.

Monica Graves

Thanks Marc! So happy you loved the Trudeau quote. Thanks for your encouraging words, so appreciated. XO


It’s always amazing to reflect on the past… It teaches us to pause and think. What have I done that’s better and how can I improve? Life is a journey and yours will never stop changing as long as you allow it to

Terry Reid

Yeah. I might be looking for sanctuary if the Donald is successful in November.
But I still have faith in America.


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