Rollerskating Rocks!

A couple of weekends ago Wayne and I, along with a group of old friends and their kids enjoyed a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Scooters Roller Palace!  We had such a blast!  Great exercise and fantastic music.  Old school for us and Top 40 for the kids!

I was so inspired from the afternoon that I pulled out my Rollergirl costume for Halloween this year!

I just love Rollerskating, I always have, I was actually quite addicted as a young girl, like temper tantrums when I couldn’t go!  LOL!  If you are a huge fan like me you must check out the following:

Movies- Xanadu and Whip It

Local Rollerskating goddesses – Hammer City Rollergirls, Toronto Roller Derby, and many more across Canada……..

Music – Old School Tunes to enjoy!!!

Smooth Moves – Shoot the Duck, Backwards Skate, Crazy LegsJumps, Cross-Overs

Where to Shop?

“Get down on it” my friends and get out there for a skate!







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