Rust & Mustard


I thought that featuring these colours would be quite appropriate as we say goodbye to the most beautiful month of the season.

The rust and mustard colour combination is a comforting and warm palette. I feel cozy and nostalgic when I see these colours together. I am reminded of golden sunsets, harvest moons, ripe peaches, picking buttercups at the cottage and double checking to see if I still like butter. You remember that game right? Of course our beautiful Ontario fall season with changing leaves also shines through in these julz.

I adore looking back at fashions from other decades. We designers love to re-create a look from days gone by and launch it again like it’s brand new. Right now, I’m on the hunt for a rust coloured coat with faux fur around the collar. Kind of a “Chrissy Snow” or “Jill Munroe” look for those cooler days in California. Ha ha!

Bringing these colours together with beads felt so good. The more beads I discovered, the more satisfied I felt. Sometimes people are hesitant to wear such warm colours. If you tend to stick to cooler colours try this look with rust coloured jeans, cowboy boots and a fitted denim shirt. The julz will glow around your neck like a beautiful ray of sunshine.

Monica XO



Barbara Crowder

Thanks for your inspiring messages and comments Monica dear! You always make my day, evening, etc.!

Here’s to a continuing inspiring Glamjulz bonanza!

Hugs to you & your dear Mom,
Barbara xoxo


The article on you in the magazine left me breathless… things I never knew about you.
How amazing … and then to see these colours that basically stand for transformation too! Life is a circle and I’m glad mine includes you ❤️Xo


I had a bomber jacket like the rust one with the big faux fur collar. Loved it like crazy and wore it with my Levi’s!


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