Say yes to delegation!

Why is it so difficult to delegate sometimes?  It seemed to be one of my struggles, especially in my business.

It’s not that I don’t trust my team to get work done efficiently, it’s something that comes from me.  I think it’s a combination of a desire to please, trust in myself and still wanting to control all of the facets of my business.

I have learned that lack of delegation does a couple of things.  Number one it really makes me procrastinate.  I am the owner of the company and my priomary roll is sales!  When I am focused on what everyone else is doing I am not selling, without sales the company can not sustain itself!  With further introspection I realize that all of this involvement in my team’s job’s, instead of my own, identifies a fear of not being busy…..what if everyone is doing their job and I’m not busy????YIKES!!! That means no money is coming in!  That annoying voice in my head says, well maybe if you keep doing unproductive tasks, like doing everyone else’s jobs you will feel busier. STOP!!!!!

A couple of months ago one of my super-star employees, Jessica, only 21 years old and a real go-getter came into my office and said to me, “Monica you seem like you have a lot on your plate, but I would like to spend the day with you re-organizing your office! ”  Hmmmmmmmm…..I hesitated for quite a while and finally surrendered myself to this young girl with a vision.  Eight hours later and 3 garbage bags full I felt like that heavy weight on my shoulders had been lifted.  We made files for everything, we organized my calendar, we made TO DO baskets for me to delegate to my staff…….is it really this easy??? Yes it is!!!  We can all do it!

I’m not as busy as I was and you know what?  I LOVE IT!!! I am working smart, I have a life, I am not working until midnight every night and my sales have increased!  Eliminating all of these unproductive tasks has made me see a bigger vision for glamjulz!  I am so excited about it and my team is exceeding all of their targets because they really know that I can trust them!

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