Shop Till Ya Drop

So how is everyone feeling today?  Ready to hit the streets for Boxing Day deals? Or too tired to even look at another mall until January?

Generally I am not much of a shopper.  I go out when I need things and then I expect to be served.  I want to be in and out as quickly as possible.  I think this attitude I have about shopping may be for a couple of reasons.  First of all I rarely have time to shop, I try to watch my dollars and like to resist temptation, I’ve always liked the idea of spending money on an “experience” rather than a “thing”.

While I have been out there for the last couple of months picking out special gifts for my loved ones I have seen many beautiful must haves for myself and I certainly have indulged myself and guess what? I didn’t break the bank.  I just felt good!  I think I am starting to understand “retail therapy” a little better.

Growing up as a tall kid and then developing hips as a teen clothes shopping was always a nightmare for me.  I would see what my friends were wearing and what the magazines were showing and desperately tried to squeeze myself into that mold.  Usually ending up with floods and pants that were tight on the butt and swimming around my waist.  Not too attractive!

I have decided to put that nightmare behind me and make shopping an enjoyable experience.  There are so many beautiful clothing lines, fragrances, pretty items for the home, little pick me ups that can make us feel better and inspired.

Here are some tips on great places to shop this week and get some fantastic deals on beautiful must haves:

Joelles and Jeff’s Guy Shop 457 Brant St, Burlington, ON

A Passion for Living 2435 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON or 1090 Wilson Street West, Ancaster, ON

La Senza


Happy Shopping Everyone!  Get out there and feel good!



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