Super Mom and Baby T

You all know our beautiful Natasha!  It’s hard to believe she has been with glamjulz for 3 whole years now.

When I first met Natasha she was in her late 30’s.  She was working at Trixie’s Boutique in Grimsby and I was showing glamjulz to her for the boutique.  We developed an instant friendship.  Natasha had been through divorce a couple of years prior and was excited about meeting a new man and starting her life over again.  That’s what I loved about Natasha from the get-go, she spoke with such confidence and had this force about her.  I knew she was the kind of girl who was in control of making her dreams come true.

She described to me the type of man she was looking for.  Hard working, handsome, honest and a family man because she hoped to have a child of her own one day.

Six months later I was back in the boutique to show Natasha my newest collection and BOOM, she had met her dream man!  Thomas, a grape farmer from Niagara!  She was so excited and everything just fell into place.  After a few dates she had already met Thomas’ children and felt a bond and responsibility with them.  She called them her bonus babies.

Now Natasha and Thomas wanted to have a baby of their own.  Natasha was approaching 40 and conception was not happening as easily as she had hoped.  There were discouraging circumstances and times where she could have given up, but that’s not how Natasha runs her life! This girl is amazing!  Her recovery time is so fast when life puts up obstacles,  it’s like she cries for about 10 minutes and then says, what can we do to make this happen?

Within a year Natasha and Thomas were expecting a baby!  I will never forget Natasha and I working the One of A Kind Show together in November of 2015 and she was just beaming.  A beautiful big belly and so grateful to be carrying this little angel! On December 30th 2015 Baby T was born!  In the coming months Baby T had a permanent play pen spot at the glamjulz studio for Treat Yourself Tuesday.  Natasha would bring her.  She would sleep eat and play and Natasha would work the showroom.

Baby T will be coming up to her 3rd birthday this year and she is just too busy to be hanging out with us at the studio these days.  She helps her Mommy with working from home on glamjulz things.  She especially likes to give her feedback on our Instagram Stories and face time with us for our weekly meetings.

Natasha is a wonderful Mother.  She loves Thomas’ children as though they were her own and has taught them life lessons that will help them to grow to be well rounded adults who will have the confidence to achieve whatever it is in life they are passionate about.

When I think about how drastically Natasha’s life changed within a few short years, I am inspired by her.  She reminds me that getting stuck or staying in the same place is not the place to hang out.  It’s good to embrace change and remember that whatever may have happened in the past does not determine what the future holds for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to my dear friend and glamjulz firecracker!

Monica XO

Natasha loves to stack our Colours of A Woman Bracelet.  She says they are the perfect touchstone to remind us of how strong we are as women.  Of course she also has a soft spot for this season’s Nurturing Collection.


kimberley brasil

Oh Moni how lucky we all are to have you as our cheerleader (and modest as always – you probably don’t even realize that as we read that it’s so incredibly apparent you’ve had a major role in Natasha living her dream! – congrats and happy Mother’s Day to both of you and Karin too


Kim… you are so generous with your compliments. Thank you so much. I love and adore you as a dear friend and a Mama


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