Taking Care of Mother Earth

Since I met Catherine over 15 years ago she has always talked about having her own cottage.  A beautiful place on the water where she could escape and be at one with nature.  She could swim, meditate and practice yoga, all from the comfort of her own private dock.

Over the years that I’ve know her, Catherine has been self-employed.  She’s one of those people who is an expert in what she’s good at, and can make her money doing what she loves. I’ve watched her, as she has strived for more, tackled every challenge head on and walked through life with gratitude for all of the things she has worked so hard for.  Her commitment to respecting and loving herself is like no other woman I have ever known.  She believes in her abilities, even when the going gets tough.

Right now Catherine is going through a season in her life where the going has gotten tough and here is how she’s handling it . . .

Now a successful realtor, Catherine was able to purchase her own beautiful cottage in Bancroft, Ontario.  She found the perfect place.  Or, as Catherine would tell you, the universe presented it to her.  A magical and peaceful spot on the water that is surrounded by trees that flourish among a foundation of quartz.  Loons that sing to her every morning as she sips her coffee and every evening as she enjoys a fine glass of Rioja Vega Crianza Edición Limitada with her feet up.

It came to Catherine’s attention and all of the full and part time residents of Bancroft, that two big companies in the area want to create a quarry in this sacred place. The threat to nature and all of its inhabitants would be devastating to this piece of paradise, right here in Ontario.

As people were shocked, complained, got angry, felt threatened, Catherine took a stand!  She has partnered up with concerned citizens and Madelaine Marentette, owner of Grail Springs Spa, located only 900 metres from the blast site.  Through education, love and respect for this land and the livelihood of the town, Catherine is getting the message across to people about how dangerous such a project would be. Blasting, drilling, and crushing threatens the unique pristine spring-fed lakes, pollutes the clean air with dust, distresses wildlife for up to 2 kms, diminishes tourism, devalues the cottages and homes in the area and could produce deadly fly rock.

This community Wonder Woman is raising awareness and has the bravery within her to be the voice for so many.

Catherine has until the end of this month to raise $50,000 to stop the quarry.  If you, or anyone you know would like to help save this beautiful piece of land, please share this blog.

Catherine has worked with us to create a beautiful bracelet with the funds being used towards her cause.  She wanted the bracelets to be really special and to give something back to the people who are supporting her. Each one is hand made, with quartz, rose quartz, and smokey quartz. Quartz is the stone of clarity, rose quartz the stone of universal love and smokey quartz is a detoxifying stone that grounds us.

I’m not surprised that Catherine specifically chose these stones.  No matter how tough life gets, she’s always got something good to put out into the world.

Monica XO

If you are passionate about a cause in your community please reach out to us anytime!  Also, we would LOVE for you to join our Caring & Sharing facebook page where you can read about more community heroes just like Catherine!


Catherine van der Oye

Monica, I am touched to tears. I really had thought I hit the jackpot when I found my piece of paradise and I still believe I did and with it comes my dharma. To go deep and channel the strong women in my lineage and the strong beings that surround me to protect the beauty of mother nature, to use her to her full beautiful capacity to create a sustainable existence. To stand up for what I truly believe in and know that I am making a difference. The battle is fierce between dark and light and I believe from the dark, comes light……and really a good dance party on the dock!

Monica Graves

You know it my friend! A really good dance party on the dock will definitely bring on the light! You are amazing!!! XOXO


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