The Bubble . . .

There are so many buzz words flying around these days!  Words like, quarantine, pivot, curve, pandemic and my all-time favourite, bubble!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve heard a lot about the bubble, about expanding the bubble and how big is your bubble?  Well, today I want to focus on the bubble you have created for yourself since March the 13th when our world in North America flipped over on its axis!

I’m talking about the bubble you choose to live in.

When this all first happened my bubble was filled with dread and worry.  Horrible thoughts filled my head.  Is my Mom going to be okay?  Will my business be able to continue?  Will there be more suffering in the world?  Will people be safe in their homes or will domestic abuse get out of control?  Will the economy tank?  Should I sell my house and my studio?  Quite frankly, this bubble sucked!  It wasn’t serving me and I just felt sick, all the time.

Then I started noticing what other people were doing.  I saw fellow small businesses thriving, I saw people baking, I saw families walking together, I became witness to a new world that actually still had a lot of magic in it!

I decided after that first week that I needed to flip over on my axis!  I aligned myself with a business coach who helped me to see my abilities in a fresh new light, I now enjoy meeting my Mom for a physically distanced glass of wine and chatting about our day.  I have a Zoom call with my Kindergarten friends every Saturday morning at 10am, Wayne and I have a double date Zoom call with dear friends once a month.  In my down time I’ve been enjoying reconnecting with things that make me happy.  Pieces of my history that I wasn’t indulging in because life was just too fast before.  Now I spend my down time doing the activities that give me comfort.  Really long walks in nature, Star Trek binges with Wayne, reading the Partridge Family Book series before bed and watching Xanadu and Wonder Woman at my studio when I create new designs.  I’m actually getting to know myself and I’m choosing to fill my bubble with whatever keeps my vibration high and my creative flow, fluid.

These things may not be what you would choose to fill your bubble with.  We all have different interests and passions.  All I’m saying is take some time to think about the bubble that is around you and only you, make sure you fill it with good stuff!

Next week, I start an online course that I’m VERY excited about!  What is the course?  Well, if you really want to know you’ll have to stay tuned to my Instagram stories!  Let’s just say there are wheels and disco lights involved!

Monica XO

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My bubble includes spending time with my great friends Monica and Wayne. Love your optimism Monica!


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