The Jasper Collection

This week the glamjulz fall collection is reminiscent of an alpine town located in Canada’s largest national park.  Nestled within the Canadian Rockies, this landmark is arguably the most picturesque spot to visit in Canada.

Dawn is taking us to Jasper, Alberta.

“I  am fortunate to have family that lives out west.  We would often go visit them and do the tour of the mountains. By the time we got to Jasper I was in love!

I remember the first time arriving in Jasper at night, and getting to our room and drifting off to sleep.  In the morning I woke up and went outside…WOW!!! There are mountains surrounding us!!!

I was in AWE!!  Just that feeling of nature surrounding me, this cute little town with these big beautiful mountains!!  It was a postcard everywhere I looked!”

Ahhhh yes thank you Dawn, the scenery sure is postcard perfect in Jasper!

The  turquoise/green glacier water is divine.  Many great photographers have tried to capture its essence.  I would have to insist that along with the heavenly water, the majestic Canadian Rockies and the enchanting dancing lights of the  Aurora Borealis sky, the true magic of this wonder of Canada can only be truly enjoyed in person.  This is a location that must be added to your bucket list.

In the meantime the beads that Dawn has chosen for our Jasper Collection will give you all of the powerful energy that Jasper holds.

Remember to take time for what really matters and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Celebrating Canada is a lifetime adventure.

Monica XO

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