The Laurentians Collection

This stunning colour combination comes from Dawn who has been with glamjulz since 2001!  I know how much you all love Dawn’s creativity here at the studio.  Start to imagine now how spectacular this Laurentians inspired colour story will be.

Take it away Dawn and tell us what inspired you for our fall 2017 collection.

“I was so lucky to have had a beautiful cottage in the Laurentians – spending weeks there in the summers growing up.   I made time to get there as often as I could as an adult.

When I was a kid, the roads leading to my cottage had 7 train tracks that my brothers and I would count, getting us closer and closer to the water where the landing was!!

As soon as we arrived at the landing my Dad would launch the boat into the water and load up with everything we needed for our family vacation.  The 10 minute ride to get to the cottage was just the beginning of hours spent on the deep dark waters of Lac Gagnon.  We enjoyed the view of the mountains covered in balsam firs, the loons, the beaches and the peace.

As I grew to an adult the feeling of being there got more and more powerful!! The nature, the beauty, the water had the ability to make all my cares drift away!!

I could actually feel my body re-energizing.  Everything smelled better, tasted better and just felt so real!”

Ahhh what a wonderful visual escape.  Thank you Dawn!  I know this creation is going to be a favourite amongst many of our glamjulz friends.

Not sure about everyone else but I think I might just meditate on that breath taking scenery for a while.

Monica XO

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