These Are My People!

Remember when you were a kid and you would play for hours, not a care in the world.  You and your friends loved being together as you laughed and played with no concept of time.  You were happy for hours with these people.

Then, as your circle grew, maybe a new little friend joined in who wouldn’t share toys, cried when he or she didn’t get their way or was a voice of gloom and doom, especially when they spoke negatively about your other friends.

Ugggh, remember that kid?  Then you would feel shaken up, start second guessing yourself and even worse, spend your time trying to please that kid instead of making yourself happy.

I remember these feelings and I remember that kid!

So, here we are in 2020.  All grown up and staying safe at home as we wait out this pandemic.

But . . .

Our phone is still ringing, facetime, zoom, what’s app and all kinds of other communications are being used with friends and family.  So, I ask you this?  Are the people who you are spending your virtual time with the ones who uplift you and give you hope?

We can all have our down days but if you have a friend or family member who is checking in with you constantly to talk about the horrible stuff on the news, their fear of where the market is going, their fear of getting the virus, or making horrific speculations on where we are headed as a society, this can be mentally taxing!

You might really care for this person but at some point you need to create some virtual social distance.  If you are not available to be “talked at”, they will find someone else to unload on, believe me.

When all of this first started I knew I would be stressed.  You see, I kind of feel like a mixed tape of emotions.  Side One includes popular hits like, “All By Myself”, “Fell on Black Days”, “It’s the End of The World As We Know It”, and “What Becomes of The Broken Hearted” and then I have Side Two “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”,  “Get Up, Stand Up”, and “We Are the Champions”

I decided early on in this pandemic that I would ONLY allow Side 2 of my internal mixed tape to be played.  Anyone who I interact with that tries to flip the tape gets virtual social distancing from me, pronto!

One of the things I LOVE to do is share positive messaging with you so that you can enjoy feeling good with me and my friends!  Every Tuesday I interview women I know who are artists, creators and makers and we talk about what we are doing to get through this time in a way that lights us up and helps us to keep evolving so that we can continue to put beautiful things into the world.

Reach out to your special friends, the ones who make you laugh and escape, where time flies by because you are so fulfilled spending time together.

It’s not selfish to live your life being positive and happy.  It’s called self-preservation and it’s REALLY good for your immune system!  Just sayin’

Monica XO

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Audrey Milford

I love that you are my people You are so right about making sure that we surround ourselves with good vibes! We will get through the other side together!


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