This Fall needs some Colour!

There is something about fall that makes us all get serious.  Back to school, back to work, flip flops are no longer a part of the wardrobe, sensible shoes or boots are a must and for some reason we are all dying to wear sweaters and great looking coats even though we’re kinda still sweating!  Why is it that we always forget that we loathe having to put these things on by the time March rolls around?  I still remember my 19th Birthday, in August, sweltering hot and my Mom and Dad got me the COOLEST black cowboy boots!  My outfit that night, as I celebrated with my friends was, a black sweater, cut off jean shorts, the cowboy boots, and of course lots of bangles up both sides of my arms and BIG HUGE hoop earrings!  Wow!  Did I ever think I was cool… a side my hair was also crazy long and permed! aaaaahhh the 80’s LOL!

I am loving this fall and especially the glamjulz if I may say so myself!  Guess what we are all wearing this season? Grey, grey grey another shade of grey oooooh look more grey and yes, you said it GREY!!!!!  You know what Grey needs oh so desperately?  COLOUR!!!! That’s right!  I LOVE colour.  In case you never noticed, LOL!  Our fall collection is all about colour, any colour, anything goes with Grey so have FUN!!! We are also loving all of the inspiration and ideas that you have all shared with us over the years……comments like, “Hey, this is my favourite necklace….do you think you could add an extra clip so I can wear it as a bracelet too?”  or “I love wearing this necklace as a belt over my favourite black dress!”  You fans are amazing!  Sometimes when I am designing I am so in it that I don’t always see these opportunities for multi-purpose fashion statements.

We have just updated our website with all of the fall julz and we  have also included instructions on how to wear the pieces that can be worn more than one way…..if we’ve missed anything be sure to let us know or send us a pic of the way you like to wear your glamjulz!

Don’t forget as we get through the colder weather and we have to face those cold rainy/snowy days….you can add some sunshine to your grey with COLOUR! It’s perfectly acceptable!

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