What it’s really like traveling with my Mom…


The adventure usually starts at the crack of stupid.  And by that I mean birdies aren’t even chirping yet.  Mom’s van is packed and we have enough food in the cooler to keep us out of restaurants for a good 4 days.

The radio is already tuned in to 70’s XM, we have hot teas in our travel mugs and lots of ice water to keep us hydrated.

We look at each other as I put the key into the ignition and we both have that “Let’s get the hell outta here” grin on our faces.

We both know one thing for sure, we miss the same guy like crazy and just being together reminds us that our Wolfgang/Dad is alive in both of our hearts and he is definitely coming along for the ride.

Mom and I shared a couple of road trips together before my Dad passed away but now that he’s gone it’s a really important part of how we spend time together.

Our road trips kind of feel like we’re running away from this crappy new life that no longer includes him.  I can’t lie to you it totally sucks at times!

The good news is we are also both on a quest to be okay with our new normal and I can’t think of any other way to do it than with each other.

My Mom and I were not always this close.  I put her through lots of juicy stuff in my teens and twenties and I’m sure she wanted to strangle my rebellious butt many times.

The more time I spend with my Mom the more I realize that all of those rebellious tendencies probably came from her.  You’ll never meet a lady as sweet or as tough as my Mom and I know that she got there by pushing the envelope in her own life.

My Mom is one of those quiet leaders, she teaches with wisdom and patience and I now recognize how strong you have to be to stay the course and not lose your mind or control when the crappy stuff in life happens.

My Mom always has a solution, she accepts life for what it hands her and she remembers how to breathe.

As Mom and I travel throughout North America, seeing beautiful sites and Mom sits in the car and reads her book while I flog my glamjulz, she is my rock.  She believes in me no matter what. Even when I cry or want to give up, when I over react, when the trip, God forbid, is while I’m PMSing. She has patience for it all and believes in me more that I believe in myself.

A Mother’s love really is like no other and I am so grateful that I get to make these memories with mine.

I hope that you have someone in your life who loves you unconditionally and mirrors back to you how perfect you are.

I can’t say that I feel like I deserve to have a Mom as wonderful as mine but I do know that we all deserve to feel this kind of love.

Monica XO



Such beautiful words Monica and I can feel the emotions as I read this blog. I’m blessed to still have my Dad and Mom both with me when I travel and I can assure you that yours has never left your side! Tons of hugs! XO

Monica Graves

Oh Natasha, thank you. This means a lot to me. I love the special bond you have with your folks and you are right, that never dies. We are very lucky daughters. XO


You are so fortunate to have your mom, and I’m sure she feels the same about you. Of course you deserve to have such a wonderful mom, and you can bet that many others are envious! I hope you continue to make more beautiful memories together for many years to come.

Monica Graves

Pam! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. We completely plan on making more and more memories. Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with me though! Ha ha…..you know what us artists can be like XO


I feel very fortunate to be a part of your east coast jaunts and blessed by your visits to our home. I’ve had some great road trips to NS with my momma over the last couple years that I wouldn’t trade for anything !!

Mona B

Hope we get to meet your mom next time you come east. I am in sunny Florida now with my beautiful Glamjulz bracelet on, ready to hit the town. Can’t wait to catch up again…

Monica Graves

Mona! For sure! Say hello to Florida, how wonderful. I’m thrilled that you and glamjulz are gonna hit the town! XO


Your Mom is one of a kind. Period. Love her to bits. But Monica, you didn’t mention that concoction she has for breakfast! I think that may be her secret!!!!!

monica graves

Nancy…..oh yes…left that very important piece of information out. Well folks, it’s called Kefir! Drink it and kiss those anti-biotics goodbye, while at the same time looking youthful and living to be 100!


Monica, this is such a nice, and honest, tribute to your Mom. You are so lucky to be able to spend so much time with that wonderful lady, a lady that I consider my friend. (Yes, we need to spend more time together!) wish her a Happy Mother’s Day from me… In Italy. Hugs to both of you. Judy

Monica Graves

Judy! Thank you so much. I LOVE that we have a friends like you and Alex too! Sharing history together is so wonderful. Ciao for now….enjoy Italy! XO


Wow, looks like you ladies are having a blast together., and it sounds like she is a true gem! Time with our parents (and for me, my children and grandchildren) is the very best. Like you said, your dad is right there with you and your mom every step you take.

Monica Graves

So true Joan. Thank you so much for all your support and kind words <3


Your Wolfgang is riding shot gun for sure! Your story is amazing! Let’s talk about including it in your feature?! I love it!!


It sounds like you grrrls have a great time. I hope there are at least a few Timbits on those road trips to counteract the healthiness of the kefir.
I am also lucky to have had travels with my mom (not all so smooth but no one lost an eye!) Most recently we have done two river cruises (Danube and Rhine). I asked my dad if he wanted to join us and he said: “why would I want to be stuck on a boat with a lot of old people?” Considering he is 80 I’m not sure who is old to him.
They make me crazy but I know how blessed I am to have them both.


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