When in Limbo . . .

It’s actually best to put on some heart pounding music and just do the limbo!

At least that’s the advice I gave my Mom this morning.

That might sound crazy considering my Mom is a Septuagenarian but she took my suggestion and made it her own.

Last month my Mom sold her house, the house she and my Dad purchased in 1969 when I was about 2 weeks old.  As emotional as it is for our family and many friends to say goodbye to this house, it’s the right thing to do. We know that the new owner has other plans for the property.  The house will be torn down and a new modern home built in its place.

My Mom and I had a discussion just the other day about how this was making both of us feel.  We both agreed that kids weren’t coming over after school anymore, Dad wasn’t going to magically re-appear and the days of hosting epic basement parties with my brother were long gone.

This might sound depressing but it really isn’t.  You see, when my Mom and I are together we talk about all of the good times and we have deep conversations about my Dad.  We do this because it’s not the house or any of the physical stuff, it’s the memories and the people who created them.  That’s what’s most important.

My Mom’s closing date is in a couple of months.  That’s the time we have to find her a “deeeeeeluxe apartment in the sky”.  When I spoke with my Mom this morning she was on-line scouring MLS listings and feeling quite nervous about what the availability was out there and some of the astronomical prices for a nice condo.

You see, my Mom is a strong independent woman but she did go from living with her parents to marrying my Dad.  This is all new for her.

My brother has moved three times and I know from moving homes a couple of times and purchasing the glamjulz studio in 2011 that the right place and the perfect price always present themself. My Mom has always taught me to have faith and today it felt so good to be able to do that for her.

You know what she’s doing right now?  Listening to her favourite tenor, Jonas Kaufmann and imagining her beautiful condo with a breathtaking view of Lake Ontario.

Mom, you’re movin’ on up!

Monica XO

This week we talked about being optimistic on social media.  What makes you optimistic?



People makes places memorable.
The Christmas cards on the doors were from loved ones; the suntanning in the backyard was rarely done solo; those basement parties often had more bodies than they should have had…
1394 was awesomesauce because of the people in it that made it that way.
Happy and hopeful for you in your new adventure Karin!

Monica Graves

Oh my Romy. I’m so grateful that we share these memories. Remember when you and your Dad came by and he carefully investigated my Dad’s HiFi??? Or how about dancing to Innocence by Harlequin in kitchen chairs and loving our reflections in the big living room window? It never took much to make us happy! That’s why I love you xo

Karen Falls

It is never easy seeing your family home sold but I know that Karin, with your help, will find the perfect place for her to live. You are both lucky to have each other close by to help with these changes.

Natasha Eadie

Soooo well said Monica ! Transitions are big but you are so right about taking the memories with you ! We are going to have fun searching for that perfect condo I the sky and certainly for the perfect price. I think walking distance to the pub will be one of the criteria !!! While I really wish I had been at some of those parties, knowing some of the people who were there, I kind of feel in some way I’m part of that history !! ( or should have been….. we were listening to the same music, lol ! while we tried to not get some of the guests kicked out by our parents!) This next step is going to be so exciting and I’m looking forward every minute of it !! Relax and be optimistic !


Natasha!!! Love you tons! So grateful to be in your capable hands! Can’t wait to cruise into phase 2 with you! Hopefully my Mom let’s s play 80s music in her new condo xo


Monica when I read this I texted my brother to thank him again for being close to my parents and helping them out. You are a great and caring daughter. When I was younger I was happy to live my independent “big city” life far away from my little home town. Now that my parents are older I wish I was closer to see them more often.
They still live in the house I grew up in. I will remember to cherish the memories each time I am there.

Monica Graves

Llana, this makes me so happy. You are so kind to recognize your brother for what he is doing. So much love xo


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