Why Women Need A Tribe . . .

Any chance I get to reinforce how important it is to have a tribe of powerful women around you, I’ll take it!

When I say tribe, it doesn’t have to be 100!  Even one woman who’s got your back is really great!

You know, it’s tough to navigate through a lot of parts of life.  We have ups and downs and the biggest trap for feeling stuck is often our own perspective.  When we open up and share our feelings with people we trust, it can heal us.  Other women can help us see our own power and potential in times when we may find it difficult to see ours.

When I think of my tribe of women I think about the best friend who has known me my whole life, the friend who is like a sister, the friend who always checks in, the friend who can coach me through any problem and the friend who gets just as excited as I do when I conquer my goals!

Since March, I have started something new.  Something I really never thought I would do.  It all started when one of the friends listed above asked me if I would take over her Instagram page and run it.  Post pictures, tell stories and help her increase the engagement on her page.  She asked me if I would be interested in receiving business coaching from her in exchange.

It was a no brainer!  Business coaching, are you kidding me?  A dream come true!

It was a no brainer!

So, away we went.  As we worked together my friend pointed out something.  She called it a hidden talent and a gift.  She said, “Mon, I don’t know if you realize this but you’re kinda freaking me out.  When you write my posts it sounds like me!  You get me, it actually sounds like my voice.” My response was, “Well shouldn’t it?” 

She laughed and said to me, “As your business coach I strongly advise that you start writing for other people.”

So, here we are,  three months later, I have 7 clients, all women and I love each and every one of them!  They each have their own unique voice and they are getting it out there on their Instagram pages with my writing and posting strategies to support them.

The best thing about these clients is that they inspire me so much with their businesses and the difference that they make in the world.  I never expected to go down this road.  I have managed to create a side hustle that I have a passion for.

Looks like I’ve also created a new little tribe for myself.

You see glamgirls – ANYTHING is possible when we support each other!

Monica XO

My good friend and business coach, Karen Baring is a professional business mentor, facilitator and keynote speaker, she focuses on empowering women to move strategically, empower themselves, and create their own streams of income.  This week she launched an amazing program called the Mastermind Matrix for women who are interested in working alongside other entrepreneurs to help grow their business and their brand.


Alexandra Klich

So happy to be part of your tribe Monica. You do have a gift and I am so glad that you are using it now professionally. You have a wonderful way with words that are empowering and unique for the person you are addressing. I love thIs.

Monica Graves

Alex!!! Thank you so much for this! We need another holiday together! Imagine how great it will be??? LOVE you! <3


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