With Sparkling Hearts, we see thee Rise!

I have a very special treat for all of you this coming fall!

I’m embarking on something NEW and exciting with my whole team!

We were all discussing Canada 150 and what an action packed year it has been with several celebrations happening across our home and native land.

We launched our 150 collection in June to help you show Canada your sparkle and now we are ready to show you ours.

I am including my entire staff as we work together to create the glamjulz fall 2017 colour palette.

We will create 8 new colour combinations and each colour combination will represent a place in Canada that is near and dear to us.

From our magical Maritimes all the way to the fresh mountain air of our West Coast, Dawn, Maggie, Natasha and I are going to share our stories with you.  We want to express our feelings and personal connections to these places with you.

I am so excited for this launch.  Team glamjulz is made up of a very special group of women.  All Canadian, all with completely different backgrounds and perspectives.

It’s time for me to share with you a little more about our fabulous team!  They’ve all got so much talent. I am the luckiest because I get to witness and work with this talent every single day.

My team is strong and that makes me strong.  glamjulz is a success because every member of this team cares.  Everything we touch, from picking up the phone to adding the last bead on a necklace is with the intent to make women feel important, powerful and gorgeous!

Thank you for everything you do!  Your positive feedback makes us proud!  The way you sparkle in our julz, it makes us jump for joy! The way you support us so we can give back to the community, it makes our hearts melt!

With sparkling hearts we see thee rise!  Join us as we continue to celebrate our true north strong and free!

Monica XO

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