You CAN change the world!

With all of the ups and downs on the news these days I often find that the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring can feel overwhelming.  Most world issues are so huge that it’s hard to imagine how someone like me could impact change for the better.  Do you ever feel like that?

I try to do my part every day through my business.  I adore designing jewelry and making women feel even more spectacular than they already are.

A few weeks ago on Facebook I asked you how glamjulz made you feel. These were the words you responded with:

Sparkly, glamorous, confident, happy, adorable, like a GLAMazon, royal, glamtastic, empowered, polished, unique, and amazeballs!

All of these powerful words made me realize something.  If this is how glamjulz makes you feel, then I am changing the world.  When you put your julz on in the morning they are your touchstone for power.  Each and every one of you is out there feeling fantastic and changing the world for the better in your own unique way!  That makes me want to do about 10,000 cartwheels right now!

So, if you ever had any doubts like me, that your impact on changing the world for the better is not noticed you are sadly mistaken!  It totally is!!

By the way!  Here is how you helped glamjulz last year to support our community:

–          $3,000 went to Bonnie and her family from our Three Little Wishes Campaign

–          890 kids fed through the sales of our Teacher Bracelets supporting Halton Food for Thought

–          $1,000 for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary through the sales of our Love & Loyalty Bracelets

–          $1000 to the Bright Run on our Bustin’ A Move for Boobz tour with our friends from She’s Got Leggz

–          100 pieces of glamjulz donated to Dress for Success along with a full car load of beautiful clothes!

I am so proud of all of us!  Every single one of you have made a huge impact on our success this year!

You have made me feel like I do have the power to change the world.

Love, kindness and support wins every time!

Love you all!

Monica XO


Pam Rutter

Those of us who love your julz are thrilled to be able to help you make a difference! Not only are we able to get something special for ourselves, friends, or loved ones, but we can also feel that we , in our own way, are helping to make a difference. Sparkle on, Monica!


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