Your Future Self will Thank You!

Sometimes it’s a challenge to think about fulfilling goals.  Whether they are business or personal goals I’ve always disliked the question, “Where do you plan on being five years from now?”

Not only does this make me feel like I’m zooming through life way too fast, but it also makes me feel anxious.  Goals that are set in stone and so regimented leave little room for spontaneity.  Sometimes it’s fun to hop off the beaten path and start traveling on a completely different one.

However, I will say this –  I love to plan small goals that are within close reach.  My future self thanks me every time.  It’s my way of loving myself, honouring my time and giving myself the space to achieve the things in life that are important to me.

Here are 10 things I do on a regular basis to please my future self :

1)      Get up an hour earlier and exercise!

2)      Plan meals for the entire week and then do the grocery shopping.

3)      Sometimes work evenings and weekends to give myself time off for holidays.

4)      Book my hair appointments in conjunction with date night.

5)      Marinate the meat the night before I’m going to cook it! Mmmmm

6)      Learn how to do things that intimidate me.  There are so many great on line courses and podcasts to keep us up to date with modern technology!

7)      Get rid of clutter!

8)      Always be planning the next trip.

9)      Practice gratitude, especially when life isn’t going exactly as planned.

10)   Spend time with the people who love me for who I am.

Be good to yourself and go easy.  We have so many different seasons in life.  Some will be better than others.  The important thing to remember is that you always have YOU, so why not make yourself happy?  I think you deserve it.

Monica XO

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