Your Sparkle is your Gift . . .


If you’ve been following our activity on Social Media this week you have probably seen the posts I’ve written about our fall colour combinations.

Every single colour combination has a story.  I wrote about the colours, why I chose them, the inspiration and how I see you wearing them.

I think that it’s also important to know that glamjulz is about so much more than fashion and what the latest colour trends are.

I created this company because I was passionate about connecting with women.  What could I possibly do to help women feel confident and powerful?

I have learned so much since I picked up my first bead in 1992.

I remember hearing about a customer who was telling a friend about me.  She said, “I’m going to visit Monica at her craft show this afternoon.  Not sure if I need to buy a necklace but I just love how she makes me feel.”

Bingo!  That’s when something clicked.  Making people feel good is what I have always loved to do and thanks to being raised by a charming father I kind of come by it naturally, I’m sure it’s genetic.

I’ve always heard that we are all born with a gift.  Once you figure out what it is you have to share it with the world.  The reason a lot of people never see their gifts is because we were raised in a society that tells us you have to work hard to be successful.  Sure, that’s true, but sometimes working hard can also be viewed as a struggle and a constant uphill climb.

Our gifts are just that, gifts. They are not difficult, they are enjoyable and should be treasured.  If you LOVE doing something and it comes to you easily, that is your gift.  Now all you have to do is figure out how to use it in a way that benefits you and the people around you.

I love working my “gift” into my business.  It gives me tremendous satisfaction because I get to see the impact that my julz can make on a person’s life.  Whether it’s a custom piece to go with a special outfit, the perfect necklaces for a bridal party or helping a family in need with our 3 Little Wishes julz.  Each person walks away feeling a little better than they did before.

That is the magic.  That is what makes me get up in the morning.

Our tag line is “show the world your sparkle”.  This week I want you to really think about that.  Your sparkle is your gift!  Rock it out!! We need you!!

Monica XO


Barbara Crowder

Thanks Monica…your messages just do so much to make me smile! Have a great time with your dear Mom in the Maritimes!

Barbara xoxo


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