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Gina Livy Was My Last Hope

In April of 2021 I was feeling physically at my very worst. My left hip was killing me, I had joint pain in my wrists, to the point where I was wearing wrist guards to bed, my energy had plummeted and yes, I had gained the infamous Covid 19 pounds. I blamed it on menopause. … Read more »

Creating with Art Resin . . .

Trying new things really is the spice of life. For the last couple of months, I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and becoming more and more intrigued by resin art! The works of art people are making are incredibly unique. I am obsessed

Julie Rock’s Story . . .

March 2020 is a month that most of us will remember for the rest of our lives.  We will share the stories of our experiences with generations to come. For Julie Rock it was a month that changed her life forever.

High Tea For The Platinum Jubilee

Totally by coincidence, in perfect timing with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, last Thursday I had my very first High Tea experience in Niagara on the Lake at the Prince of Wales hotel . Rewind back to 2020, there was some point where we were allowed out of our houses and able to go out and

Portal Paintings

  Since January joyful little packages have been mailed out to our monthly subscribers. The intention of each package is to put a smile on a woman’s face and offer words of positivity and hope in a time when we all need it.  The focus, of course, is the beautiful julz inside the package but… Read more »

Paul Robinson’s Story . . .

Meet Paul Robinson, a 44 year old single Dad who lives in Fort Erie Ontario.  Paul has two beautiful children, Grayson who is 10 and loves his puns and 8 year old Hadley who has the kindest heart that Paul has ever known. Paul hoped that one day he would see his children get married… Read more »

Are Your Wings Still Intact?

In recent weeks I have felt like a social butterfly once again.  For a while there I was a little freaked out that I had lost her all together.  Eighteen months of keeping to myself in my little network that included

Thank You Summer 2021

Are you grateful for the beautiful summer we just had?  Maybe you’re feeling a little down because summer is over or perhaps you are excited for the fall season to begin. You might be like me and feel like you’re being pulled in both directions. For me this summer was about so much more than… Read more »

Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog

Oh my goodness everyone.  It’s been a tough three months at our house.  As you know, our sweet baby girl Boink was diagnosed with lymphoma in April and went to heaven to be with her Opa last week. So many of you have been through this pain yourselves and the outpouring of condolences, beautiful poems… Read more »

Are You Ready For This?

Right now my Instagram and Facebook is flooded with friends showing off their second vax Band-Aid!  Some of them actually cried when they received the second shot.  They were tears of relief as a clear vision of a brighter tomorrow came over them like a tidal wave. My question to you is, are you ready… Read more »